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Chapter 10: Just One Moment.

Mind tends to be logical, and life is contradictory. Life is illogical. Those who wanted to know it through logic lost their way and never attained. Logic will say: pranayam and pratyahar are contradictory, so only talk to us about one. Knowledge and devotion are contradictory, so only talk to us about one. Emptiness and wholeness are contradictory, so only talk to us about one. But remember that life is always contradictory, because life is greater than the contradictions; life is able to absorb all the contradictions. Logic is very small, it is the method of the small mind, so it can absorb only one and not the contrary. The opposite therefore is left outside.

That is why when Buddha said shunya, emptiness, it doesn’t mean that the whole was not included in it. Buddha’s emptiness included the whole. But followers of Buddha said that if it is emptiness then it cannot be whole. When Shankara said “whole,” the emptiness was included in it. But Shankara’s followers asked, “If it is the whole, how can it be empty?”

This is how the follower misses the point, because the follower lives by logic and by mind, and those who know have known the contradictions together. But they also feel difficulty in expressing the contradiction because they have to explain it to you. If the contradictions are said at the same time, then you think that these are inconsistent things. Your mind goes on trying to make life logical and to add up. But life is not a calculation. Life is a flood which flows with such a force that it breaks all boundaries and limits of arithmetic. Life is a flood.

The second question:

Yesterday you discussed how to be without passion, how to go beyond passion. Please tell us the alchemy of being without passion, sex, even in dreams.

Don’t worry about dreams. You should first attain it in your waking state. Whatever is attained in your wakefulness, automatically starts appearing in your dreams, because your dreams are the echoes of your wakefulness. Whatsoever you do when you are awake, you go on hearing its echoes again and again in your dreams. Nothing new appears in your dreams, they go on echoing whatsoever you do in your wakefulness.

If you go on collecting money during the daytime, then at night you are counting it. If you are full of passion during the daytime, then at night you dream of sex. Those who are devotional, are devotional even in their sleep; and people who are empty and peaceful during the daytime, they remain empty and peaceful even at night - night is the shadow of the day, it just follows the day. Don’t worry about changing the night. If lust disturbs you in your dreams at night, then it means that some deception is going on during wakefulness.

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