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Chapter 10: Exactly in the Middle

That’s why you cannot believe it. But my difficulty is that I cannot be untrue - it is so. It is easy. The easiest thing in the world is God - has to be! because we live in him, we breathe in him. He surrounds us just like a fish is surrounded by the ocean. He is everywhere! and only he is. Each breath that you take in, you take God in. He circulates in your blood, he beats in your heart, he walks when you walk, he sits when you sit. He is one with you!

And it is easy because he has not to be attained - it is already the case. But then the ego loses interest. That’s why you ask: “You make it all sound so easy. But is it?” Somewhere your ego goes on hoping that “Osho must be joking. It can’t be that easy. It has to be difficult.” “But is it? Is it really? It seems to me that the whole thing is out of our hands.” And that’s what I have been telling you all along. It is out of your hands because you don’t have any hands except the hands of God! The moment you think yourself separate from God, everything is out of your hands. And the moment you think yourself one with God, everything is in your hands. But those hands are no more yours - they are the hands of God.

For man everything is impossible: for God everything is possible. For the part, everything is impossible: for the whole everything is possible. “It seems to me that the whole thing is out of our hands.” That’s what I have been insisting, day in, day out, year in, year out, that nothing is in your hands. Relax. Don’t try to cling. Don’t try to impose your will, because nothing is in your hands. Don’t be deceived by this will. It takes you into dreams and fantasies.

When it is summer, it is summer. And when it is winter, it is winter. And when it is sunny, it is sunny. And when it is cloudy, it is cloudy. Just today it is very cloudy.enjoy it! Enjoy all climates. Enjoy all moods of nature. They are all in a deep harmony. Everything is needed to make this world a perfect world. Just sun and sun every day won’t do.

I have heard an ancient parable - must be very ancient because God used to live on the earth in those days. Slowly, slowly he became very tired of man, because people would torture him continuously. In the middle of the night, somebody would knock and say, “Why have you done this? Why not do it this way?” Everybody was advising; everybody was praying and their prayers were contradictory. A man would come and would say, “Today let there be sun, because I am going to wash my clothes.”

And somebody else would come and he would say, “Today let there be rain, because I am going to plant trees.” Now what to do? They were driving God mad!

He had to disappear from the earth. He had to escape just to survive. He had to become invisible.

One day a man came, a farmer, an old farmer, and he said, “Look, you may be God, and you may have created the world, but one thing I must say to you: you are not a farmer, and you don’t know even the abc of farming. And your whole nature and the functioning of your nature is so absurd, and this I say out of my whole life’s experience. You have to learn something.”

God said, “What’s your advice?”

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