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Chapter 19: No “I,” No “You” - Just a Mirror Reflecting

But the whole of Western psychology is concerned with the ephemeral. The psychologist is concerned with dreams. It is not just symbolic - he is actually concerned with a bigger dream called the mind. And by trying to look into dreams, the psychologist is trying to figure out the functioning of the mind.

Why does he have to go to the dreams? Why can he not rely upon your waking hours?

Your waking hours are fake. You say things which you don’t mean. Perhaps you don’t intend to deceive anyone, but your very upbringing is such that you are bound to deceive. Your every gesture is political, is diplomatic. You are trying to influence the other person, you are trying to convert the other person. You are trying, in short, to exploit the other person’s gullibility. You are not saying what is true, you are saying what people want to hear.

In each church, in each temple, in each synagogue, all the sermons are simply what people want to hear. They are opium for the people, they are consolations for people. People are in misery, people are in suffering, but this suffering humanity becomes a great marketplace for those who can exploit - in the name of compassion, in the name of God.

They don’t remove your suffering - they can’t remove it, it is beyond their power. But they can console you. They can make you feel at ease with your agony; they can give you a dose of opium so that you can go on living with all the suffering, all the pain, without even bothering about it, without even thinking about it.

Hence, when you say something, it is not reliable. It may be true, it may not be true. The psychologist has to go into your dreams because your dreams have not been polluted by the priests, by the politicians, by the educationists.

They are trying.

They are developing in the Soviet Union and in America both, techniques for teaching people while they are asleep. Once those techniques are refined, man will lose all freedom. Anyway, he is not free - freedom is only a beautiful word, corresponding to no reality. But a small freedom is there: you can dream your dream without any fear of the neighbors, without any fear of the government, without any fear of anybody - the parents, the teachers, the vested interests.

Dreaming is the only freedom. It is such a sad statement that I am making, that you have only dreams where you are free. Otherwise, you are not free; your freedom is just a show. Everybody is in chains, but the chains are invisible.

The psychologist has to enter into your dreams so that he can find out who you are. On the surface you are a celibate, a Catholic monk. But do you think in the dreams also you are a Catholic and a celibate and a monk? Most probably you are just the opposite of what you are pretending to be when you are awake. Your whole wakefulness has been so polluted, so dominated, so conditioned by others that you don’t even know that what you are saying is not your own voice. It may be Voice of America or it may be voice of anybody else, but it is not your voice.

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