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Chapter 17: Watchfulness.Your Gift to Yourself

In your waking hours, you have a certain personality to maintain to live in the society - a certain morality, a certain code of conduct. In your dreams, all codes of conduct, all moralities, all principles disappear - you are simply natural. Whatever is within you comes in its reality, as it is.

The only problem with dreams is that the unconscious knows no language; it is still the mind of the child. The child thinks in pictures - his language is pictorial, not alphabetical - so you dream in pictures. And that has created a great problem: who is going to interpret those pictures? What do they mean? - because there are many interpreters, many schools of psychoanalysis with different explanations, and all their explanations seem to have some truth.

The East has never tried anything like psychoanalysis, and the West has never tried anything like meditation. The East has been working for almost ten thousand years, single-pointedly, on meditation. And meditation means going beyond the mind - not getting involved in the mind, not being bothered by the mind, not being interested in its dreams - simply transcending it, simply becoming a watcher.

The West has become too involved in the games that mind goes on playing - and those games are very complicated, and they are endless. There is not a single man alive in the world who is completely psychoanalyzed, and there are people who have been in psychoanalysis for fifteen, twenty years, working hard to bring out their dreams to the psychoanalyst. Whichever dream is psychoanalyzed, disappears, but other dreams go on coming - it seems an unending process.

Perhaps somewhere far away in the past, of which no record exists, the East may have encountered something like psychoanalysis and found that it is a futile exercise. You explain one dream, another dream arises. You go on, and dreams go on arising. The East drops the whole mind with all its dreams, all its activities. They change their focus completely to a new area, a new space. Just be a watcher; don’t interpret.

Sigmund Freud’s whole contribution is interpretation of dreams, analysis of dreams. And the Eastern experience, which is very long, says, don’t get involved in analysis or interpretation - just watch. Don’t judge, and don’t try to find the meaning of it. Don’t condemn either, don’t appreciate - just be absolutely indifferent, a pure witness who has nothing to do with it. If you become a witness, you will become aware that the mind starts functioning less and less; dreams start disappearing, thoughts are no longer so much, the crowd goes on becoming less and less. A moment comes when you are there, just a witness - and there is nothing to be witnessed. The mind is utterly silent: all dreams, all thoughts, all feelings, are gone.

This is the moment when you will become absolutely aware of who you are. Retrospectively, you will be able to see what you have been doing, and what has been happening inside you. But you are out of it; it is just a fading memory.slowly, slowly it fades away.

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