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Chapter 17: No-Mind Is Emptiness and Fullness Together

So first, let me say a few things about ordinary psychology - what it has discovered, where it is - because that will help you to understand the emptiness, the spaciousness of the no-mind.

Sigmund Freud was the first man in the West who came to discover the unconscious mind. In the East it has been known for centuries, so it was not a discovery - Sigmund Freud was just not aware that it had been discovered long before. He is not really the founder. It was discovered so long ago that we don’t even know the name of the person who discovered the unconscious mind.

Freud came to the unconscious mind via dreams. He found that people say things when they are awake which are not true: they say things which they are supposed to say, they behave the way they are expected to behave. They are not sincere, they are not authentic. Their whole conscious mind is hypocritical - because for centuries they have been told how to be, what to say, what to do, what is respectable; their conscious mind has been conditioned by the centuries.

Listening to them you cannot discover the real content of their being. You can simply reach to the surface of their mask, but not to their original face. Because the person says one thing but does another, he’s continuously lying - and each lie needs more lies to protect it.

That gave Freud some idea that it would be better, perhaps.. Man cannot deceive in his dreams because he has no control over dreams, and the conditioning of the society has not reached to his dreams.

You may see a beautiful woman, and you may behave like a perfect gentleman with her, but that is not your truth. In a dream you can rape the woman, you can make love to the woman. You will not bother that she is not your wife, because dreams don’t believe in your social codes and mores and behavior patterns.

Dreams don’t know that marriages exist. Dreams are not aware that the woman is not yours, she is somebody else’s wife. In a dream you simply do what you feel like doing - you are true. That’s why Freud started studying the dreams of people.

And he was surprised that dreams contain tremendous treasures to help to understand the real man, to take away his mask and to see something real.

But there is a difficulty with dreams - they are pictorial. The conscious mind is linguistic. The conscious mind is educated, cultured, civilized; the unconscious mind, in sleep, is primitive. Civilization has not touched it at all.

And who cares what you dream? You may murder somebody, you cannot be caught for the crime..

Only in one society, a small aboriginal commune in Thailand.of which Sigmund Freud was not aware, otherwise his theories about dreams would have been different.

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