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Chapter 3: Prologue Part 3

Zarathustra found this assembly. Certainly, these were not the people who deserve a Zarathustra and his message, but these are the only kind of people all over the earth - there is no other kind. Hence, “Zarathustra spoke thus to the people.” without bothering whether they deserved it, whether they would even be able to comprehend what he is saying.

He is like a raincloud, so burdened with wisdom that he wants to rain anywhere. He wants to empty himself. The riches of his joy, his silence, his blissfulness have become so heavy that he needs anybody to share them. The question is not whether they deserve it or not. Certainly, this was not the assembly to hear him; but a raincloud even rains on stones, rocks, on infertile land. The raincloud cannot discriminate; his whole problem is how to unburden himself.

The first sentence that he uttered contains his whole philosophy, his whole religion:

I teach you the superman.

Man is something that should be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? Nobody has said it so pointedly, so clearly that man has to transcend himself; that he has to go beyond himself; that man is something that should be overcome. You should not be satisfied by just remaining man. You should move beyond all that is human. Everything that is within you belongs to man.

To be a superman means dropping your mind, dropping your ideologies, dropping your instincts, dropping your intelligence, moving totally beyond all your conceptions about man. The superman is his teaching; and his insight about it is derived from a very natural phenomenon.

All creatures hitherto have created something beyond themselves.

That’s the whole theory of evolution: every creature has produced something beyond itself. The apes have created man. You cannot even conceive that they are your forefathers. The distance is so much; the transcendence is so great.

Scientists say life began in the oceans, with a fish. From the fish to man, every creature has been giving birth to something that transcends him. But suddenly, coming to man, the whole evolution has stopped. Man simply gives birth to another man.

And do you want to be the ebb of this great tide, and return to the animals rather than overcome man?
What is the ape to men? A laughing-stock or a painful embarrassment. And just so shall man be to the superman: a laughing-stock or a painful embarrassment.
You have made your way from worm to man, and much in you is still worm.

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