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Chapter 9: Mind as a Master Is a Disaster

The Zen master said, “It is not a question of words. While you were reading, I was also listening to the gaps. The man was articulate as far as words are concerned but the gaps expose him completely. What he is saying is only mind stuff, it is not his experience. But the man is good. Don’t be worried; in some future life he will become an enlightened person.”

Look - life is not a difficult matter. It becomes a problem when your life wants to go one way and your mind drags you in another and you are in a conflict, torn apart. You can go to neither side.because half of you is trying to go in another direction.

Life becomes absolutely simple once you start functioning from something that is higher than your mind. In the beginning for any seeker the whole search is to find a space above the mind.

Once you have found a small space above the mind, all dualism disappears, all tensions, all anxieties disappear. And strangely enough, the mind which was never in your control, suddenly surrenders itself to you.

Mind as a master is a disaster.

Mind as a servant is a beautiful gift of nature. You just have to find the master - and it is not far away.

It is just above the mind.

Only one step.

You recently talked about how bogus channeling is. As a Rajneesh group leader, I feel that my work is most successful when I manage to get out of the way and become a vehicle for you. At these times, whatever I’m saying or doing, I feel your love and silence pouring through me. Am I in a delusion, like all the other people who think they channel? Could you please say what my function is as a group leader, as your disciple?

The people who have been proposing for thousands of years that they are the mediums of God - in other religions of “gods” - or of those masters who are no more in the body, are becoming vehicles to them, mediums to them. The possibility is there.

If you have loved me, even when I am not in the body there can be still a contact. For love it makes no difference. But the whole thing depends on the medium - his purity, his silence, the absolute stillness of his mind. The silence has to be so great that it is as if he is no longer present - only silence is there. He has become just a hollow bamboo.

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