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Chapter 23: Nothing but a Dead Skeleton

The same is the situation with Mahavira. He is the last tirthankara of the Jainas. Now there is not going to be any other tirthankara, nothing can be added to his teachings, nothing can be taken away from his teachings.

But these people were not aware that they are making their vision into a dead thing with their own hands.

That’s why Christians are so afraid in case science should discover anything which goes against the Bible, Mohammedans are so afraid in case anybody should say anything that goes beyond the Koran. But these are the enemies of progress, enemies of life.

I am not. I am just a friend, a humble beginning, a living reality with every day new excitement, new ecstasies, new spaces; and capable to absorb them all, not afraid of any progress. If anything is wrong, I am always ready to drop it, always to be on the side of truth.

There are two kinds of people: those who want the truth to be always on their side - these are the egoists, arrogant. And there is another type of person who always wants to be on the side of truth, whatever the cost; if he has to lose everything, he is ready, but he cannot stop being on the side of truth. These are the humble ones, these are the true holy people of the earth - and there have been very few.

I like to hear you speak on the meeting of inner man and outer woman.
Is the inner man to be found in one of the realms of consciousness and if so, is there a way to provoke his presence so that I might recognize him in situations where I have previously been unaware?

The inner man or the inner woman is not to be found unless you reach to the highest peak; unless you come to the cosmic super-conscious you will not be able to recognize it; only at that peak the dualities meet and you can feel the orgasmic experience of the meeting. Slowly, slowly you can become aware of two opposite polarities moving together in harmony, in a dance, but you will not come across it at all on the way, only at the end of the journey.

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