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Chapter 5: The Inner Alchemy

Western medical science has not yet taken note of it. Breathing is not a simple process; it is a dialectical process. You are changing your nostrils every hour, approximately every hour, forty minutes. Somewhere between forty and sixty minutes your nostril changes, you begin to take the breath from the other nostril; then again it changes. When you need more heat in the body - if you suddenly get angry - your sun breath starts. Yoga says that when you are angry, if you use your moon breath and stop the sun breath, you cannot be angry at all, because the moon breath creates a deep coolness inside.

The whole body is also divided between sun and moon, and the mind is also divided between sun and moon. So don’t take man as one, because nothing can exist as one. Everything exists through duality. You are divided in two: you have a negative part and you have a positive part. The positive is known as sun in Indian symbology, and the negative as moon. The negative is cool, silent, still. The positive is hot, vibrant with energy, active. The sun is the active part in you and the moon the inactive part in you.

And if the active and the inactive both come to a deep equilibrium, you are enlightened suddenly. If one is more emphatic, you have an imbalance; if both are of equal force they balance each other, they negate each other; and the moment both are of equal force, your inner balance is regained and you reach to a different reality - the reality of the nondual. That one, the nondual, can be felt only when both these dualities in you are balanced and you transcend them.

In the world we exist as duality. Beyond the world we exist as nonduality, one. You can think of yourself as a triangle: two angles exist in the world and the third angle exists beyond the world. Two angles belong to this, this world, and one angle belongs to that, the world of the brahman. But if these two are in an imbalance, you cannot go beyond them. You go beyond them only when they regain balance.

This balancing is nirvana, this balancing is moksha, this balancing is the centering. How does awareness work to balance this duality? And the moment this duality is balanced, you cannot be reborn again - you disappear from the world. You can be born again and again only if there is an imbalance. If the balance comes to totality, the balance becomes total, it is impossible to be born again. You disappear from the world. The body cannot exist then. Then you cannot re-enter a body again.

So first we will try to understand what this inner sun is and what this inner moon is, and then how they are balanced.

This sutra says:

Accumulation of the nectar of the inner full moon is naivedya - the food offering.

You need a full moon in you to offer to the divine as food. Only that can be the food for the divine, a full moon inside.

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