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Chapter 29: Just like Ripe Fruit

That sociologist is not aware of the dynamics of the human mind. What he is saying is possible only if we are invaded by another planet; then communist Russia and capitalist America would fight together as one. We have seen it happen: against Adolf Hitler, communist Russia and capitalist America and imperialist Britain all came together. They forgot all distinctions, all conflicts; they became friends because now they had a common enemy.

Unless somewhere - on some planet - a common enemy can be found, what the sociologist is saying is not going to happen. It is mere guesswork.

The reality is that both powers are getting more and more ready to come to a confrontation. Both are waiting for the right moment so the responsibility is thrown onto the other, because it will be a great responsibility - risking all life on the earth. Both are trying to protect themselves from nuclear weapons before the war begins, and both are trying simultaneously to find something more dangerous than nuclear weapons; for example, death rays.

No weapon is involved - it is just like an X ray. Rays just come and pass through a person, and the person is dead; you will not find even the cause of it, why he died. There will be no possibility of finding out.

Both powers are interested in looking into death rays. Both the powers are looking more and more into dangerous chemical warfare; a certain disease can be sent which spreads like wildfire; no need to drop bombs on you, just release a certain disease which is a sure killer, and which goes on spreading.

As far as I can see, both are stubborn, adamant. If there is some possibility for humanity, it is going to come from the communists, not from the capitalists; it is going to come from the Soviet Union, not from America. My reasoning is that America is a decadent society which is dying of its own accord. There are poor people who are dying of hunger and starvation; and there are super-rich people who are dying because they don’t have any meaning in life, they don’t see any point in it. “Why go on living? Why get up again tomorrow? What is the meaning of moving in the same circle?”

America has come to a point where the super-rich - which is the powerful class that rules over the continent - has lost excitement, has lost the meaning, the significance, the very reason for existing. And when these things disappear, there is a suicidal wave that gets hold of the people. America is in the grip of a suicidal wave.

For America, it is very difficult to have any hope, because they are living in a hopeless condition. And when somebody is dying, what does it matter if everybody else dies too? In fact, why should he bother? After him, if there is no life in the world it is not his problem.

The Soviet Union is in a different situation. First, the country is still poor. It has not tasted the bitter fruits of richness. It is still excited about getting small things; even to have one’s own car is such an excitement in Soviet Russia, because not everybody has his own car - only very few people, very significant people. Everybody else has to move by public transport.

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