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Chapter 8: You Are Without Stain

In a way, he is right that he is protecting the religion and I am destroying the religion. I am certainly destroying that which is no longer relevant. But that which is no longer relevant cannot be called religion at all. Religion means something that is relevant to the people who are alive this moment, something that can be a blessing right now.

A new man has to be heralded. And the new man is coming! The new man is coming every moment. You may not be aware of the new man, but the new man is coming. And the new man will bring a totally new way of life. His life will be earthy, rooted in the earth, and yet available to the sky. The new man will bring a new world with him. He will make a paradise of this earth; he will not look for any paradise after death. He will transform life itself into a paradise. The new man will not only survive, he will live and he will live in great rejoicing because existence is.

Rejoice! I say to you again and again, “Rejoice, because existence is!” And the only way to relate to existence is to be in a tremendous rejoicing can. Only those who are ecstatic can enter into existence.

Morarji Desai is too serious and dead a person. He cannot rejoice. He cannot understand, experience the meaning of joy. Politically he is against political revolutionaries. Religiously he is against religious revolutionaries. Artistically he is against artistic revolutionaries. He is basically against revolution. He wants to cling to something that is no longer there.

My effort here is to help you to “uncling,” to “unclutch” your hold, so that your hands can be free to receive the new gift, the gift of the new man that is being born - to receive “Homo novus.”

The second question:

To find a soul mate sounds nice but almost impossible. Would you please say something more about it? And how can it even come close to finding a Master?

It is certainly almost impossible to find the soul mate - even if all facilities are available. The earth is big.millions and millions of people, and life is very short. How are you going to find your soul mate? And remember, that is if all the facilities are available, but right now no facilities are available. It becomes even more impossible when facilities are not available, when you are prevented in every way from finding the soul mate. But even if you are helped, educated in how to find your soul mate, then too it will be difficult to find them in a short seventy years’ life. It rarely happens, it is a rare phenomenon.

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