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Chapter 6: Peeling the Onion

You will not go through the whole process; the whole process will happen so fast that you will not even be able to take note of it. You will suddenly reach to disciplehood.

It is very difficult to explain to people why you have my picture on your beads. It is so esoteric they will not be able to understand it, but it is a key. It is very simple. Just holding it in your hand you can be transported immediately into that beautiful space.

Why is it so difficult for me to have direct eye contact with another person?

The question is from Kirtan. There can be many reasons. One can be that your past lives have been in the Eastern hemisphere where it is thought to be graceful for a woman to keep her eyes down, not to have eye-to-eye contact. It is thought to be rude, a little violent. So in the East no woman has experienced eye-to-eye contact.

It is possible you have carried it from your past life. And it seems to me that it must be the case because you also carry the feeling that you are unworthy. That too is a teaching in the East for all women: to be a woman is to be unworthy, because from the body of the woman enlightenment is not possible. First she has to be born as a man, and only then can she work toward it. And you have not been just in the East..

You may have been a nun, a Buddhist nun, a Jaina nun. They are not allowed to look more than four feet ahead of them. It looks strange even talking with them because they are not looking at you, they are looking four feet ahead on the ground. They are trying to listen to you, they may answer you, but they will not look at you. And the reason seems to be that a nun cannot have an intimate relationship with anybody.

Psychologists have discovered that if you look at somebody’s eyes for just two to three seconds, it can be accepted; it is just casual. But if you look longer than that, then it is not casual; then you are trying to interfere with the very individuality of the other person. And if the other person happens to be a woman, it is absolutely immoral. That is the Eastern way: that you should not look into the eyes too long.

You will be surprised to know that the Hindustani word for “scoundrel” is luchcha, and that will give you insight into the problem we are talking about. The word luchcha comes from lochan, and lochan means “eyes.” A luchcha is one who has been staring at you and has passed the casual limit. He is not a civilized man. He is behaving in an ugly way.

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