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Chapter 11: Choose the Eternal

If you build your life on the momentary, you are going to be in difficulty with the whole because it will never adjust. It will never be harmonious, something or other will always be wrong. The whole has to be looked to before you make your city, before you make your abode; the whole has to be consulted and referred to. With the vision of the whole you should create your life and the pattern of your life; you should live with the vision of the whole. Only then will your life be a harmony, a melody; otherwise, you will always be somehow outlandish, eccentric.

Every man is eccentric. This word is beautiful. Eccentric means out of the center, somehow missing the center, not exactly as it should be. Why is every man eccentric, out of the center, out of focus, out of step with life? - because everybody is trying to make life according to the moment, and the moment is not the whole. The moment is a fragment, such a small, trivial fragment of eternity. How can you adjust to eternity if you make your life according to the moment? That’s why Jesus says, “Make your life, create your life according to the whole, the eternal, not the momentary.”

A city being built on a high mountain and fortified, cannot fall nor can it ever be hidden.

Your city will always be falling, your city will always be in ruins. It is so! You need not ask Jesus, you can just look at your life: it is a ruin. Before you have built it, it is already a ruin. You are a ruined city. Why is it happening? - because of the momentary. Have a vision of the eternal, of the timeless.

How will this vision come? The higher your consciousness the greater your vision, the lower your consciousness the smaller your vision: go and stand in the street, under a tree, and look. You have a view: you can see to the nearest corner of this road, then there is a turning and the view stops. Climb the tree and have a look from the tree, then you have a greater vision. Go in an airplane, then you have a bird’s-eye view of the whole city. Go higher, and greater becomes the vision; go lower, and smaller is the vision. There are rungs in the ladder of consciousness. If you are at the peak of your consciousness, look from there: eternity is revealed.

Have you observed a very small thing? You are standing under a tree, you look to the east, you don’t see anything. Somebody is sitting on top of the tree and he says, “I can see a bullock cart coming.”

You say, “There is no bullock cart! I can’t see it, and when I can’t see it, how can it be?” The bullock cart is in the future for you, but for the man who is sitting on top of the tree the bullock cart is in the present. So don’t think that the present means the same to everyone. Your present is confined to you, it may not be present for me; my present is confined to me, it may not be present for you. It depends on the ladder of consciousness.

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