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Chapter 4: Boy! Did We Shake That Thing!

The second question:

What is the relationship between meditation and the unlearning process?

There is no relationship because meditation is unlearning. They are not two things which can be related; they are one thing, one process. Meditation is unlearning, unlearning is meditation.

What in fact do you do when you meditate? You simply unlearn the mind; by and by you drop the layers and layers of mind.

You are like an onion, you go on peeling yourself. One layer, the most superficial, is thrown; another layer comes up, you throw that, you drop that also. Another one comes up - and it goes on and on.

But one day the last layer is peeled off and there is nothingness in your hands. The whole onion has disappeared. You look around and you cannot find yourself. This is the point where meditation is achieved. Now it is no more meditation, it has become samadhi.

It has become what in the West you call ecstasy, but rather should be called instasy than ecstasy. The word ecstasy comes from the Greek ekstasis, which means to stand outside of, to stand outside your personality so totally that you are no more part of it - that is ecstasy.

But samadhi is more like instasy - to stand within yourself so deeply that the within and without have disappeared. You have become the withinness, the very withinness; not that you are standing within, you are the withinness. This is samadhi.

The word samadhi comes from two roots, one is sam; sam means together, absolutely together. Another is adha; adha means going, reaching, being. So: being together, reaching into togetherness, becoming togetherness: samadhi means you become so together, so one, so crystallized, that there is nothing opposite to you within you. You have become one unity, a unison, a harmony of all the opposites.

The mind is opposites. You think one thing, and suddenly another part of the mind denies it. You want to meditate? One part of the mind says Yes, another immediately says No. You want to become a sannyasin? One part of the mind says: Right; another part of the mind says: Beware, what are you doing? Don’t do it. Wait. For small things also: What dress to wear today? You stand before the mirror, and the mind cannot decide. The mind is a crowd.

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