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Chapter 3: Just Be Happy

From the very beginning the child learns the politics. The politics are: look miserable, then you get sympathy, then everybody is attentive. Look ill - you become important. An ill child becomes dictatorial; the whole family has to follow him - whatsoever he says is the rule. When he is happy nobody listens to him. When he is healthy nobody cares about him. When he is perfect nobody is attentive. From the very beginning we start choosing the miserable, the sad, the pessimistic, the darker side of life. That’s one thing.

A second thing related to it is: whenever you are happy, whenever you are joyful, whenever you feel ecstatic and blissful, everybody is jealous of you. Jealousy means that everybody is antagonistic, nobody is friendly at that moment; everybody is an enemy. So you have learned not to be so ecstatic that everybody becomes inimical toward you - not to show your bliss, not to laugh.

Look at people when they laugh. They laugh very calculatingly. It is not a belly laugh, it is not coming from the very depth of their being. First they look at you, then they judge - and then they laugh. And they laugh to a particular extent, the extent you will tolerate, the extent which will not be taken amiss, the extent where nobody will become jealous. Even our smiles are political. Laughter has disappeared, bliss has become absolutely unknown, and to be ecstatic is almost impossible because it is not allowed. If you are miserable nobody will think you are mad. If you are ecstatic and dancing everybody will think you are mad. Dance is rejected, singing is not accepted. A man is blissful, and we think something has gone wrong.

What type of society is this? If someone is miserable everything is okay; he fits because the whole society is miserable more or less. He is a member, he belongs to us. If somebody becomes ecstatic we think he has gone berserk, insane. He doesn’t belong to us - and we feel jealous, and because of jealousy we condemn him. Because of jealousy we will try in every way to put him back to his old state. We call that old state normality. Psychoanalysts will help, psychiatrists will help to bring that man to normal misery.

In the West the whole society is turning against psychedelics. The law, the state, the government, the legal experts, the high courts, the legislators, priests, popes - everybody is turning against. They are not really against psychedelics - they are against people being ecstatic. They are not against alcohol, they are not against other things which are drugs, but against psychedelics because psychedelics can create a chemical change in you. The old crust that the society has created around you, the imprisonment in misery, can be broken, there can be a breakthrough. You can come out of it, even for a few moments, and be ecstatic.

Society cannot allow ecstasy. Ecstasy is the greatest revolution.

I repeat it: ecstasy is the greatest revolution.

If people become ecstatic the whole society will have to change, because this society is based on misery. If people are blissful you cannot lead them to war - to Vietnam or to Egypt or to Israel. No! Someone who is blissful will just laugh and say: “This is nonsense!”

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