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Chapter 8: The Rock Bottom of No and Yes

When somebody says no without earning it, without having lived for it.. For example, now in Russia no has become the official philosophy. Everybody is a communist and everybody is an atheist. Now the no is bogus - as bogus as the yes of Indians. It is a false pregnancy now. Now it is the official religion; now it is government propagated. In every school and college and university, now the no is being worshipped. Atheism has become the religion; now everybody is taught about it. The pregnancy is going to be false, conditioned by others; just as in a religious home - Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan - you are born and then you are taught something and by and by you start believing.

A small child seeing his father praying starts praying because children are imitative. The father going to the church.the child goes to the church. Seeing that everybody believes, he also starts pretending. Now a false pregnancy is born. The belly will go on growing and no child will come out of it, no life will be born out of it. Only, the person will become ugly because of the belly.

The yes can be false, the no can be false; then nothing comes out of it. A tree is known by the fruit, and a cause is known by the effect. Whether you are authentic or not will be known by your rebirth. This is one thing.

The second thing to remember is: you may be really pregnant, but if the mother resists the very idea to give birth to a child, she may kill the child. The child was real, but the mother has to cooperate. When the child wants to come out of the womb after nine months of growth, the mother needs to cooperate.

Because mothers don’t cooperate, that’s why there is so much pain. Childbirth is such a natural thing, there need not be any pain. In fact, those who know, they say that childbirth will become one of the most ecstatic moments of a woman s life if she cooperates, nothing like it. No sexual orgasm can go so deep as when the woman participates with the process of the childbirth. Her whole existence vibrates with a new life; a new being is born. She becomes a vehicle of the divine. She becomes a creator. Every fiber of her being vibrates with a new tune; a new song is heard in the deepest depth of her being. She will be ecstatic.

No sexual orgasm can be so deep as the orgasm that can be attained by a woman when she becomes a mother, but just the opposite is happening. Rather than being ecstatic a woman passes through tremendous suffering - because she fights. The child is going outward, the child is leaving the womb, he is ready - he is ready to go out into the big world, the wide world - and the mother clings. She is closed, she is not helping, she is not open. If she is really closed she can kill the child.

That is what is happening to Sartre: The child is ready, and he has carried a real pregnancy, but now he is afraid. Now the no itself has become his aim of life, as if pregnancy itself has become the aim, not the child. As if a woman feels so good just carrying a weight in the womb that now she is afraid if the child is born she will lose something. Pregnancy should not become a style of life. It is a process; it begins and it ends. One should not cling to it. Sartre is clinging; that’s where he is missing.

There are many atheists in the world with false pregnancies, very few atheists with real pregnancies. But you can miss even when you have a real pregnancy.

Never make any point of view your philosophy, because once it becomes your philosophy your ego is involved, and then you go on and on protecting it, arguing for it, searching for proofs to help it.

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