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Chapter 32: Truth Has to Wait.but Not to Wait Forever

Junnaid said, “It is not a question of forgiveness; it is a question of understanding. You have a trust which is forced, and a forced trust is bound to sooner or later go through a breakdown. Your love is an effort, and love cannot be an effort - either you love or you don’t, the question of effort does not arise. You were trying to imitate other disciples, and the path of the truth is not for imitators.

“I had come to this place only for you, knowing that you were going hunting and you were bound to come to this lake. You have to start from the beginning, and this time your love has not to be an effort and your trust has not to be something forced.”

These things are beautiful when they grow naturally, and when they grow naturally then no facts, no figures can destroy them. They have such tremendous energy of their own that all facts and figures simply evaporate. Facts are not truths, but just like soap bubbles. Yes, a soap bubble is.but its existence or non-existence is almost equal.

Truth has is eternal: it was true, it is true, it will remain true. There is no way for the truth to be otherwise.

Facts go on changing. Facts depend on interpretations. The same fact can be interpreted in a thousand and one ways. And that’s what we are all doing; otherwise, there would be no need of so many religions, so many philosophies, so many ideologies.

Truth is one.

The mystic has no philosophy; the mystic has no ideology, because he has the truth itself.

Just look at a few facts and how they can be interpreted not only differently but in a diametrically opposite way. The most important Jaina master, Mahavira, lived naked all his life. He renounced the world, his kingdom, he renounced everything - clothes, shoes. He lived just as a child is born, naked, with nothing in his hands. He did not even carry a begging bowl. He used to make a begging bowl with his own hands. He would not use anything on which one becomes dependent. His ultimate goal was total freedom. And he was so logically consistent that he was not ready even to use a small blade, a razor blade, to cut his hair or to shave his beard. To use scissors or a blade would be a dependency, so he used to pull his hair out with his own hand. It was painful, but he managed.

He lived eighty-two years. And he had to pull out the hairs because he was not taking baths. According to his approach, to take a bath is to decorate the body, is to believe in the body - and the body is nothing but bones, blood, flesh, everything rotten, just covered with skin. What is the point of taking a bath? - you are not the body. And consciousness needs no cleanliness because it cannot become unclean.

In India he has been worshipped by the Jainas for twenty-five centuries as one of the most important mystics of the whole world. And even those who are not of his fold have immense respect for the man.

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