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Chapter 18: A Gathering of Friends

I was staying in a university campus, taking a meditation camp, and in the afternoon when I was sleeping, I suddenly became aware that somebody was walking on the roof. So I opened my eyes and what I saw.a professor had removed a tile and he was looking at me.

I said, “Hello! Why can’t you come through the front door? Are you going to jump on me?”

He said, “At the front door they don’t allow me. They say you are asleep, and as a matter of fact you are not asleep, you are talking with me.”

When people think they can approach, ask, inquire at any time.. I will be available tomorrow, what is the hurry today? This taking me for granted creates the problem. You remain physically close but spiritually far away. It is difficult for me to make an effort for thousands of people separately to be spiritually close to me.

And man’s mind functions in a very strange way. If you go closer to him he becomes afraid, he becomes more closed. If you want to open his heart he becomes hard, he resists. The only thing possible was that I toured around the world inviting my would-be people, and when they started arriving I closed myself in a dark cell, where there was no possibility of anybody reaching me.

Strangely enough, this has opened thousands of hearts. Because I am not making any effort to open their heart, I am not interested in opening their heart, they have suddenly become open; there is nothing to be afraid of. And twice a day I am with you, you wait for me.

Waiting in itself is a great meditation.

Waiting in itself is the whole religiousness.

Waiting for the unknown, waiting for the guest, waiting for the master - whatever form it takes, but waiting for the right season when you will also be blossoming is the whole inquiry and the search of man.

I could have come into the ashram as many times as possible - it is not far away. But I have not been in the office since 1974. I have never seen anything in the ashram except my room and the meeting place where I see you, where I talk. It is not a sermon, it is not a discourse, it is simply an outpouring of a heart who loves you and wants to reach you; who trusts you and wants to enter into your deepest core; who wants to help you on the way.

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