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Chapter 11: Truth or Trick?

Die to the past, be alive to the present, to the moment you are in - it will not destroy your mind. Really, it will give a rest to your restless mind. Your efficiency will grow, and there will be no effort. You will not need to remember. You will simply remember, because this is the functioning of the mind; you need not make any effort.

I have been traveling all over this country for fifteen years, and I have known thousands and thousands of people. Even after ten years I have been again to the same town - I remember the faces, I remember the names. Even I was surprised: What is the matter? - and I had not made any effort. But I am interested in people, that is all. If you are really interested in something you will remember it; there is no need to make any effort.

Remembering is a mechanical functioning of the memory. If you are really interested in a person you will remember the face even after many lives. I remember many faces after many lives. You cannot forget them because there is no question of forgetting. The mechanical part of your brain just goes on recording everything. The only thing that is needed is your interest.

When you are interested your mechanism is focused on the person; it records just like the lens of a camera. If you are interested in a face the camera moves, it records. If I am interested in what you are saying my mind is focused; it records, it goes on recording. There is no need to make any effort. If you are not interested, then it will not record because then it is not focused.

So if you forget things it is because you are not interested. If you forget things it is because your mind is confused. If you forget things and cannot remember and are not efficient, it means that while you are seeing a face your many memories inside go on moving. Your mirror is not vacant; your lens is already overcrowded.

Someone is saying, “My name is Ram,” and you nod your head, yes, as if you have heard. But your mind is filled with so many things you have not heard. And then you say, “Why have I forgotten the name?” Really, you never heard the name. You were not interested in the person - not so interested that your mind became silent.

Whenever you are interested the mind is silent - your whole being is open. The memories go on being recorded and, whenever you need something, it will come up. But it is not so easy with you. Because your mind is so much filled, whenever you need something everything gets entangled. Nothing is clear-cut; everything penetrates, trespasses, every other thing. Nothing is clear. The clarity is not there; only confusion is there. Because of that confusion you are not efficient. You will be more efficient, and without any effort, if you become alert to the moment and do not allow the past to go on overburdening you.

The second question:

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