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Chapter 9: Be Kind to Yourself, Stop All This Seeking

People who drown get drowned not by the water. It is a scientific truth that just as the earth has gravitation - it pulls things downwards.water is just the opposite. Its law is not gravitation, its law is levitation; it raises things up. That’s why in water you feel light; in water you can lift a big rock very easily. The same rock you may not be able to lift outside the water, because the water - the levitation - is helping you. The person drowns not because he does not know swimming; he drowns because he makes so much effort to remain above water. That very effort exhausts him.

If you don’t know swimming, and by chance you fall into water, just get drowned without any effort. Just go immediately to the very bottom, and you will be lifted up by the water itself. Swimming is absolutely unnecessary.

A Japanese scientist has been working on swimming. He started teaching six-month-old babies swimming - must be mad! But he succeeded, because six-month-old babies don’t make much effort. Then he went even to three-month-old babies; they were even more successful, they simply floated. They don’t know how to swim, how to make an effort to survive. They don’t take water as the enemy who is going to drown you, they are utterly innocent - and for a simple reason: they have a trust. In their mother’s womb they were swimming in water for nine months - not swimming, just floating.

That Japanese scientist is convinced, and I think his conviction is going to prove right, that even a just-born baby can be left in water and he will float. He has been floating for nine months.

Going to your center is just like that. You have been at your center, not only for nine months, but perhaps for nine million lives. But you go on making hectic efforts in all directions - searching, seeking, becoming Christian, becoming Hindu, reading the Vedas and the Bible and the Koran. Naturally you prove to be a crackpot; you are going to end up insane.

So please don’t say that you have the understanding - you don’t have it. Yes, you have a misunderstanding.

I have not been talking about any path. I have been talking about pathlessness. Meditation is my word for pathlessness. I have not called it love, because then there is more possibility of your misunderstanding. I know your love. You will immediately translate my word into your kind of love - which is not love at all. It may be chemistry, it may be hormones, it may be physiology, it may be biology, but not love.

You are attracted to a woman or to a man; you think you are in love. You are unaware of the fact that it is your hormones, your chemistry, your biology. Just very easily your hormones can be changed, and all your love for the woman will disappear. Your chemistry can be changed, and a man can become a woman, a woman can become a man. The difference between a man and woman is not much.

It is very simple. It is just like your pocket: pull it out, it becomes man; push it back into its place, it becomes woman. No other difference. Your sexuality is hanging out; their sexuality is hanging in. And you call it love?

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