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Chapter 8: Will-to-Power: The Cancer of the Soul

What I am against is the game of the ego. Who plays it, in what subtle ways one plays it, is a totally different matter. The politician is the most apparent player of the game. The religious messiah, avatara, tirthankara, paigambara - Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha - they are on the same trip, it is the same number; but it will need tremendous intelligence to see their power game. The politician is nothing compared to them. The politician is playing a very trivial game.

But when Jesus says, “I am the son of God, the only begotten son” - what is it, if not a power trip? He says, “I am the awaited messiah of the Jews and I have come to redeem the whole of humanity from suffering, misery. Those who follow me will enter into the kingdom of God, and those who do not follow me will fall into hell’s darkness for eternity.” This is the same will-to-power, but in a religious garb. It is difficult to detect it; it is more subtle, more refined, more polished. When Krishna says to Arjuna, “Leave everything aside and come to my feet; I am your deliverance” - what is he saying? What is he asking? It is the same need.

When Mohammed says, “I am the messenger of God, and I am the last messenger; after me no messenger will be coming again. I have brought you the ultimate word. Yes, before me there have been a few messengers, but because humanity was not prepared, their messages were incomplete. I bring you the complete message, the absolute message; all that you have to do is to believe in me.” One God, one messenger of God - that is Mohammed - and one book of God - that is Mohammed’s written book, the Koran - these are the three fundamentals of a Mohammedan. One God, one messenger, one book - nothing has to be added. These power-hungry people have always been afraid that somebody later on may prove to be better.

Mahavira says, “I am the last tirthankara of the Jainas. Now the message is delivered in its total completeness, and there will be no more tirthankaras.” What is he saying? Twenty-five hundred years ago he closed the door. Darwin had not happened yet, Freud had not happened yet, Marx had not happened yet, Einstein had not happened yet - and he closed the doors. The message was complete.

In fact the whole of science has happened within three hundred years, and the last religion is Sikhism, which is five hundred years old. After Sikhism there has not been any great religion. And in these three hundred years everything has gone upside down. Up to three hundred years ago, Aristotle was the father of logic and the last word in logic. Not any more. His logic has not proved true to the latest discoveries of science. It was such a great problem for the scientists when they discovered phenomena which went against Aristotle’s logic. They had never thought that anything could happen contrary to Aristotle’s logic. But Aristotle cannot dictate to existence. These people tried in every way somehow to fit things into the Aristotelian system, but it was impossible.

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