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Chapter 10: Love Is a Ladder

The ego can remain when it is dark, dismal, no sun on the horizon. When the sun arises on the horizon, the sun of awareness, then the ego starts disappearing like the darkness. Of course if you feel identified with the darkness then the sunrise is threatening. But if you disidentify yourself with the ego then you will be able to welcome the sun, it is not threatening anymore. It is a thrill, an adventure, it is new life, new birth, it is resurrection.

The ego is a grave; to come out of the ego you will need to come out of the grave. Don’t think that the grave is safe. It appears safe because you have never ventured outside it. You have never been adventurous. You have not known the taste of danger, insecurity. Once you have tasted danger and insecurity you will never go back to the grave. It is better to live totally for a single moment than to lie down in a grave for a thousand years.

That is not life, it is avoiding life. Come out of your misery, come out of your ego, come out of your grave and accept the threatening happiness. Accept the danger of going to the heights, because those who go to the heights can fall - they are risking.

Risk all because life is only for those gamblers who can risk all. But by risking all you become the beloved of existence. By risking all you become worthy, by risking all you become a soul. Without risk there is no soul in you, you are just hollow, nothing inside you. Without risking there is no significance, no poetry, no song, no dance, no ecstasy in your life. No celebration at all.

Celebrate, dance, let joy fill your heart, let it overflow. And if the ego dies, let it die. Help it to die because it is not you. You are something transcendental to body, mind, ego and all. You are part of existence, part of eternity.

Don’t be worried, you cannot die. Even if you want to die, you cannot die; you are eternal. So, in fact there is no fear, no need to be afraid. Death is impossible, only the ego can die. So if you remain identified with the ego then the fear remains. Once ego is dropped, death disappears and fear disappears, anxiety disappears, anguish disappears; and the energy that was involved in fear, anxiety, and anguish is released.

That same energy becomes your dance, your celebration.

The second question:

What does love mean?

Love has different meanings for all. To writers, love is words. To artists, love is color. To a comic, love is laughter. To a baby, it is mother. To bees, it’s nectar. To flowers, it is sunshine. And to cows, it is a lot of bull.

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