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Chapter 10: Laugh Your Way to God

To be able to laugh, you need to be like a child - egoless. And when you laugh, suddenly laughter is there, you are not. You come back when the laughter is gone. When the laughter is disappearing far away, when it is subsiding, you come back, the ego comes back. But in the very moment of laughter you have a glimpse of egolessness.

There are only two activities in which you can feel egolessness easily. One is laughter, another is dancing. Dancing is a physiological method, a bodily method to feel egolessness. When the dancer is lost in his dance he is no more - there is only dance. Laughter is a little more subtle than dance, it is a little more inner, but it has also the same fragrance. When you laugh.. It has to be a belly laughter. It should not be just superficial, it should not be just polite, it should not be just a mannerism.

I have heard:

One typist was leaving her job. This was her last day in the office, and the boss was telling the old jokes that he had always been telling. Everybody was laughing, except the typist. The boss asked, “What is the matter with you? Can’t you get the jokes?”

She said, “I got them long ago. You’ve been repeating them a thousand and one times, but I need not laugh anymore. Anyway tomorrow I am leaving. These fools are laughing because they have to laugh - you are the boss. So whether the joke is worth laughing at or not doesn’t matter. They have to laugh, it is part of their duty. But I’m leaving, what can you do to me? I’m not laughing, you cannot make me laugh at all those rotten jokes.”

If you laugh out of duty or out of a sense of mannerism, out of politeness, then it is not a belly laughter, then it is just superficial; on the circumference, you are managing it. You will not understand what I am saying about laughter then.

Laugh so that your whole body, your whole being becomes involved, and suddenly there will be a glimpse. For the moment the past disappears, the future disappears, the ego disappears, everything disappears - there is only laughter. And in that moment of laughter you will be able to see the whole existence laughing.

Indians don’t have the sense of laughter. In India we don’t have any Indian jokes. All the jokes that are told in India are borrowed, there is no such thing as an Indian joke. Indians are serious people, very religious people, holy people. How can they descend to such low things as joking? They talk about God, they talk about moksha, they talk about nirvana.they can’t laugh. These are not laughing matters! You cannot laugh about God. But if you can’t laugh about God you will never understand God.

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