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Chapter 12: The Great Circle of Brahman

Many modern psychiatrists are of the opinion that the whole of humanity is mad and the difference is only of degrees. If you are not mad, that only means you are simply normally mad - not abnormally mad, mm? You are just within limits - mad within limits. You can function, that’s all, but any moment you can cross the boundary. Any happening, any accident - your wife dies, your money is lost, your bank becomes bankrupt, your house is on fire - and you can cross the boundary in a single moment. There is not much distance to travel and you can go mad. You were already mad, but just waiting for the boiling-point. It can come any moment.

Why is this happening so much in the West? Why is everyone going for psychoanalysis? Really, those who cannot go for psychoanalysis are thought to be poor now. Those who are rich, those who can afford it, they go for it of necessity. It is a very costly affair. It is a luxury because psychoanalysis takes years - two years, three years, even five years, and it is a very costly treatment. Only the very rich can afford it. But the profession is growing, and now psychiatrists are very rich. They are getting richer every day.

The human mind gets more and more disturbed if you try to fulfill the ego because for a greater ego to exist you need greater disturbance, greater illness, disease, greater fragmentation, division. When your fragments of being are in deep conflict they create the tension. In that tension ego can exist. Fight is needed for the ego - a battleground: your being must become a battleground.

This can happen in two ways: either you can fight with others or you can fight with yourself. You can fight with others in a competitive world. You are ambitious, others are also ambitious. You want to be fulfilled as an ego, others are also on the same route. Then you fight with them. This is the worldly way to achieve the ego - the political way or the economic way.

But there are religious ways also. You stop fighting with others. You divide yourself and you start fighting with yourself. You fight with sex, you fight with anger, you fight with the body, you fight with this world - this world of “sin” - you divide yourself. You divide yourself as body/mind, body/soul. Not only that: you divide your body also into the lower body and the higher body. Through these divisions you can fight with yourself.

So remember, there are worldly egos and there are spiritual egos. A man who achieves riches, achieves prestige, becomes powerful, has ego. But do not think that a person who is struggling spiritually doesn’t have one. He may have an even subtler ego - a deeper, a more refined ego, but he has one. Your so-called saints are all egoistic. They achieve their egos through austerities - through tapa, through arduous effort. They have their own victories upon themselves. They have no enemies outside, they have created the enemy within. And then they fight with it, and when they win they have a very egoistic feeling. They feel power.

So the second thing to be understood: whenever you feel powerful, remember you have attained a crystallization of the ego. And whenever you are powerful, you cannot meet the divine, you cannot meet the truth, because power exists in conflict, power exists in fight. Power is created through war, through violence, through aggression. Power is against love, power is against silence, and power is against the total.

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