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Chapter 17: Wholeness Is Holiness

Consistency can be held only if you belong to one extreme. If you move between two, if a scientist is also a poet, then really he has two personalities and he moves between the two. When he goes to his laboratory, he forgets poetry completely. He changes his being from a poet’s being to a scientist’s being. He begins to think in totally different categories. When he moves out of his lab, he moves again into a different being. Now, the second being is not mathematical, not experimental, it is more like a dream than like a scientific experiment.

This is very difficult - very difficult, arduous, but sometimes this has been attained in a few individuals who can move. A Michaelangelo is a mathematician and also a great artist. Goethe is a poet and also a very deep probing, logical thinker. Einstein is basically a mathematician, a physicist, and yet aware and in deep contact with the mysterious around. But then this was possible for only a few individuals. This should be possible for greater numbers.

Now the time is ripe, and a moment will come when society need not think in terms of opposites, but rather in terms of complementaries. Two opposites are not really two enemies. They support each other; neither can exist without the other. They are related deep down. We can call them intimate enemies. They depend on each other. They cannot exist without each other, and yet they oppose each other. This opposition gives a tension, a certain energy, which helps them to exist.

But this was not possible in the past. Men tried, because to try one alternative is easier. You can be religious easily, you can be scientific easily, but to be both is a very delicate balance. And then you need a very developed mind, which can move from one group to another without any difficulty.

Look at our mind! When you move from your house to your office, your mind continues in the house. When you move from your office to your house, it is not that just by leaving your office your mind leaves your office - it continues to be in the office. Physical movement is easy, mental movement is difficult. And between a house and an office there is no opposition.

When someone thinks mathematically, it is a totally different approach towards life; when one begins to think poetically, it is totally different. It is as if you have moved from one planet to another. And the other cannot be allowed any voice. So a very deep control and integration is needed, otherwise the mind continues in one pattern. It is easy to move in one pattern. That’s why it was easy for societies to choose.

The East experimented with one choice and the West with another. Both have failed. The whole history of man is the history of two failures, Eastern and Western. Now both these failures can be studied, and now we can become aware of the fallacies of history and the errors and the extremist standpoints. Now we can feel that a new world is possible with a new attitude, a synthetic attitude.

Obviously, that world cannot be Eastern and cannot be Western. So don’t ask which land is more fertile, because then the whole world becomes one world. Really, if still you continue in terms of which land is more fertile, you again are trying to think in old categories. If East and West both have failed, then really this is the moment to drop the whole nonsense of being Eastern or of being Western. Now one humanity emerges. It is neither Eastern nor Western. It is human, and the whole planet earth becomes a small village.

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