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Chapter 2: Throw It Out!

You are not your body. Within your body, just like within your house, space exists. That space is you. Your body is just the walls. Think of a person who has no eyes, no ears, no nose, no windows, no doors in the body - he will be dead. Eyes and ears and nose and mouth, they are the doors, they are emptinesses. And through that emptiness, existence enters into you; the outer and the inner meet, because the outer space and the inner space are not two things, they are one. And the division is not a real division.

It is just like.you can go to the river and you can fill an earthen pot with water. When the water is moving into the earthen pot, the river outside and the water inside the pot are the same. Only an earthen wall exists, and even that earthen wall is porous; water is continuously flowing out and in. Your body is also porous, existence is continuously flowing in and out. What is your breathing? - it is existence coming in and going out. And scientists say that millions of holes in the skin are continuously breathing in and out. You are porous. If your whole body is painted thickly and only the nose is allowed to remain open, you can go on breathing but within three hours you will be dead - because the whole body breathes, it is porous. Existence continuously renews you.

And inside who are you? Inside is an emptiness. When one realizes this emptiness, the ego simply disappears. It is a myth, it is a dream, it is a fallacy. Because you have never looked within, you have created a false ego.

There is a necessity, because no man can live without a center. And you don’t know your own center, so the mind creates a false center: that false center is the ego. When you move inwards and look for the ego you will never find it there. The deeper you go the more you will laugh, because the ego is not there, you are not there. Sometimes, just close your eyes and look for the ego. Where are you? Who are you? An emptiness surrounds you from everywhere; nobody is there inside. And this moment is the most beautiful and ecstatic moment possible, when you feel that there is no ego.

When there is no ego, you are empty. And when you are empty, the divine rushes towards you. You have created the situation.

This was the single note of Kakua, and this is my single note also. This story is very beautiful. Try to understand every word of it.

Joshu was a master who started to study Zen when he was sixty.

Remember, your age is not relevant. You may be a child or you may be very very old. You may be young, you may be healthy, or you may be ill - it makes no difference, because the basic thing is to be empty within. It has nothing to do with your walls, young or old. A child can attain enlightenment, a man just on the verge of death can attain enlightenment, because enlightenment is not concerned with your body; it is concerned with something which is absolutely bodiless. It is concerned with the within which has no age. It is non-temporal. Time is not at all a problem. You may not have observed this because you live such an unconscious life, and observation needs consciousness, alertness, awareness.

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