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Chapter 9: The Master Gave Me Eyes

One evening, there was a small incident in the ocean. The sun had set and just a moment before, a fish had been very happy and joyous dancing in the sunrays in the infinite vastness of the ocean. She was dancing, she was swimming, there was no sorrow, no pain anywhere. The fish was so natural and innocent. There was not the slightest trace of doubt in her mind. But a moment later she met an atheist fish who disturbed everything.

All the other fish avoided this atheist fish, but this fish was new and she didn’t know better. When the atheist fish approached her, she listened to her speaking just out of politeness. The atheist fish said to her, “What are you dancing for? Why are you so happy? Why are you celebrating? It seems that you also are a blind believer, like those other ordinary fish. There is no joy, joy is an illusion! And this ocean that you think that you are in - where you are dancing and swimming, jumping and enjoying in - there is no such thing. Have you ever seen an ocean?”

The young fish became afraid. She had heard of this ocean but she had never seen it. When someone is born in the ocean, when someone grows in the ocean and has never gone out of the ocean, then there is no way to see the ocean. To see, some distance is needed, some separation, a gap is needed. The fish had heard that there is an ocean, but she had never seen it. Her eyes were also created from this ocean, she was surrounded by the ocean. A fish can see the ocean only when there is a distance between the ocean and the fish. There was not even that much distance.

The fish had heard about the ocean. The atheist fish started laughing and said, “Just like men who blindly believe in God, the fishes believe that there is an ocean. But there is no God and there is no ocean. Look, open your eyes and see! You are still young - what makes you so afraid? All around, a great emptiness surrounds us. Nothing is real except death.”

The young fish looked all around. Certainly, there was emptiness all around. The sun was about to set. All around there was the blueness of the ocean - it seemed like an empty sky. And in the distance, as far as the eyes could see, the blue ocean was deep in darkness. Everywhere a dark night was falling.

In her mind also, the question arose, “Where is the ocean?”

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