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Chapter 13: Freedom from Birth and Death

Try to understand it. You think that death is an enemy of life, but the truth is just the opposite: life cannot exist without death. So death is not the enemy of life at all; on the contrary, it is a friend. There is no possibility for life to exist without death. The day death disappears, life also will disappear. But all things become upside-down in the process of our seeing. We think that life and death are opposites, but actually death is the foundation of life. Life cannot exist without death.

Your experience is that love and hate are opposites, but the reality is just the contrary. Psychologists say that love and hate are two aspects of the same energy, they are both together. In this century Freud has discovered many important facts of life. One of his discoveries is that man hates the very same person that he loves. If you ponder over it a little, you also can understand this. You cannot just make someone an enemy directly. To make someone an enemy you first have to make him a friend. Enmity cannot be created directly. For enmity, first friendship is needed. Friendship is the first essential step for enmity; after that, enmity can happen.

So friendship and enmity are not opposites, they are two sides of the same coin. Whosoever you love you also hate and whosoever you hate you also love. You are very much attached to your enemies; you remember them. You would be incomplete without them. Without them something in your life would be missing in the same way as it happens when a friend dies. Friends fill you, and enemies also fill you.

Buddha has said, “I do not make friends because I do not want to create enemies.” But you think that the enemy and the friend are opposites. In life, it is not so. You think that day and night are opposites, light and darkness are opposites. The fact is that darkness is another form of light and light is a way for darkness to exist - they are different processes of the same energy. The ordinary intellect assumes that if darkness totally disappears from this world then only light will remain, but science will not agree with this. Science will say that if darkness disappears totally then there will be no light, or if light disappears totally then darkness will also disappear.

If you want to get rid of hatred from the world then love also has to be totally withdrawn. Hatred will continue as long as love is. As long as there are friends there will be enemies. If death has to be wiped away then birth also will stop, and death will continue only as long as there is birth.

You think that if you can stop wars then there will be absolute peace in the world - but peace will disappear if war were to totally disappear. It seems a little difficult to understand, but this is the paradox of appearances and reality: peace can prevail in the world only as long as wars continue. War and peace are two sides of the same coin: if one is lost then the other is also lost.

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