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Chapter 13: Reality Is Indivisible

It has created a certain madness, but because everybody in the West is in the same boat, it becomes very difficult to recognize. Millions of people are watching football - and you call these people intelligent? Then who are you going to call retarded? And not only are these people immensely involved in games like football, they are jumping, they are shouting, they are fighting. And because there are no stadiums big enough to accommodate the whole country, everybody is sitting glued to his chair in front of the television. And they are doing the same stupid acts - sitting in their chairs, shouting..

I know one man - because his team was losing, he became so mad he destroyed his television! I was staying with the man and I asked him, “Are you ready to go into an insane asylum? In the first place, football should be for children. You have passed that age long before, but mentally your age is not more than twelve or thirteen years. And what you have done with the television makes me suspect that not only are you retarded, you are insane too.”

Just last year in California, the University of California made a survey, a whole year’s survey about boxing matches. Each time there are boxing matches - which are ugly, inhuman, animalistic - the rate of crime in the whole state of California rises by thirteen or fourteen percent. And that rise remains after the matches are finished; it goes on lingering for at least one week. Slowly, slowly it comes back to normal.

People start murdering, people start committing suicide, people start raping; all kinds of crimes suddenly start growing. Still, boxing is not condemned by any country as a criminal game which should be stopped immediately. And if any government tries, the whole country will stand up against the parliament and will protest, because boxing is such a “good time.” Two idiots are doing things on your behalf. You also wanted to do the same things, but you kept yourself in control. Now it is “having a good time” because somebody else is doing it and your own repressed energies are expressed.

It is something to be understood: why should you be interested in two persons behaving barbarously, harming each other? Certainly you also have the same desires. Perhaps you don’t have the guts..

But it is something much more complicated: the whole West has become slowly slowly just an observer. Somebody else makes love in the film, somebody else fights in the boxing matches, somebody else plays football, and deep down you get identified with these people. It is good that in movie houses it is kept dark, because I have watched people crying in a movie house, knowing perfectly well that it is an empty screen and a film is being projected. I have seen people laughing, I have seen people standing up, thrilled, and I have always wondered.it seems that man has left everything to the professionals and he has become just a watcher.

Obviously the professional can do the thing better than you can. But remember: things are not going to stop here. In one existentialist novel, the writer has a very definite clarity about the future, that soon only servants will be making love. Why should you bother? - you can pay the servant. But why should your wife bother? She can also pay another servant.

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