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Chapter 2: Matter and Consciousness Are One

Kabir lost himself in the course of the search. The drop merged into the ocean; so how can it be found again? But he changed this later, and the change is very significant. He said later that what he had said before was wrong, that he had been mistaken in saying it. It was not that the drop entered the ocean, but the ocean itself had entered into the drop. If the drop has merged in the ocean there will still be a chance of recalling it, but this is far more difficult: when the ocean has merged into the drop. And in the case of the drop entering the ocean, the drop will have said something about it. But it is difficult to say anything when the sea itself has merged into the drop. So later he said:

Searching on and on, my friend,
Kabir lost himself.
The ocean merged in the drop,
so how can it be found again?

It was a mistake to say earlier that drop had merged in the ocean.

It is not that when we become vibrations of energy we enter the ocean of energy; it is just the other way around. When we become just trembling vibrations, live vibrations of energy, the ocean of energy enters us. In fact it is very difficult to say what happens. But that does not mean that we are not aware of what happens. It is good to remember that an experience, and the expression of it don’t always go hand in hand. What we know, we cannot say. Our capacity to know is infinite, but the capacity of words is very limited.

Forget great experiences, even small ones cannot be expressed in words. Even if I have a headache, I cannot describe it. If my heart aches with love, it cannot be described. And these are minor experiences. So when truth, godliness, descends on us, it is almost impossible to put it into words. But we know it nonetheless, and know it for certain.

But to know it, it is essential that we simply become, in every way, vibrations of energy and nothing more - as if we are a tempest, a storm, a boiling fountain of energy. Let us vibrate with such intensity, let every fiber of our being, every beat of our heart and every breath be filled with such insatiable thirst, such prayerfulness and awaiting that we become thirst itself, we become prayer and awaiting itself. Let our very being disappear. In that very moment a meeting with existence takes place. And this meeting does not take place outside of us, but inside, as I said yesterday.

The sleeping serpent, the sleeping center, is within us. And it is from this sleeping center that the energy rises upward and spreads all over.

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