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Chapter 13: Health Is a Function of Love

In the past, man was doing hard work as a hunter, a farmer. By and by that work has disappeared, and societies are more affluent and have more and more energy; restlessness is bound to be there. Hence the Americans are the most restless people in the world, and part of it is that they are the most affluent society.

And we should drop the idea of utility - because that is of the past. When energy was less and work was more, utility had meaning, it was a value. Now it is no longer a value.

So find ways and means of using the energy - games, jogging, running - and delight in it. Use the energy, and then you will feel very calm. That calmness will be totally different from a forced stillness. You can force yourself, you can have energy and repress it, but you are sitting on a volcano and there is a constant trembling inside. The more energy you use, the more fresh energy will become available.


The Tao group is present this evening. Osho speaks first to the group leader.

How did you feel about the group?

I don’t think it’s therapy anymore - not as I understand therapy - but it seems fine. I don’t know what it is. It’s more like a house with friends coming and going, and I feel very much like just one of the people.

The less you know, the better - because then more freedom is possible. Once you know what is going on, the mind starts creating structures, boundaries, disciplines. Once you know exactly what you are doing, everything is predetermined and the freedom is lost, the spontaneity is not there.

It is good that you don’t feel it is therapy; it isn’t. In fact the very word therapy is condemnatory. The moment you say therapy, you have taken the other as a patient, ill - that’s the condemnation. Nobody is really ill. In fact the society is ill; individuals are victims. Society needs therapy; individuals simply need love. The society is the patient and needs hospitalization.

Individuals suffer because you cannot catch hold of the society; it remains invisible. When you try to catch hold of it, an individual is found and then he becomes responsible - and he is simply suffering, he is a victim. He needs understanding, not therapy; love, not therapy. Society has not given him understanding, has not given him love. Society has given him straitjackets, prisons. Society has forced him into a pigeonhole, categorized him, labeled him - this is he, this is the identity.

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