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Chapter 30: The Taste of No-Mind

Remember, intelligence is not part of the mind. Intellect is, but intelligence is not; hence the intellectual is full of mind but in life he behaves very unintelligently. He has a certain expertise, he is trained intellectually to do a certain thing, his mind is functioning like a computer. But life is not one-dimensional, you cannot exhaust it in one expertise; it is multi-dimensional.

It is a well-known fact that the great intellectuals of the world have all been found to be unintelligent outside their field of work. I will give you a few examples.

Karl Marx was certainly one of the great intellectuals. Now he rules over half of humanity, and perhaps will rule over the whole of humanity one day. He has defeated all - Gautam Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Moses. Now communism is the greatest religion in the world, and Marx is their god.

His expertise was in economics, particularly the economic divisions of society - the classes, the class struggle. He was tremendously accurate, very factual, very historical, and utterly scientific. He called his philosophy “scientific materialism.”

He was a chain-smoker, and he used to smoke the costliest and the best cigarettes. And he never worked, he never earned anything; he was talking about capitalism and against capitalism, and he was dependent on a friend who was a capitalist - Friedrich Engels, who was a great industrialist. Engels was supporting him throughout his whole life. And Karl Marx was living exactly the bourgeois life he was against: he was not producing anything, he was not creative, he was not a worker. He was not a member of the proletariat and he was living luxuriously.

His wife was disturbed, his friend was disturbed, his doctor was disturbed - this chain-smoking was going to destroy his health. But he was incurable. He could not think without smoking - there was a certain association, because he had always been smoking and thinking. The moment he would stop smoking, the thinking would also stop - they had become associated, entangled in each other. To think, he needed to smoke.

One day.his wife could not believe it, he was coming home with big boxes full of very cheap cigarettes. His wife said, “But this is not your brand. This is the cheapest cigarette.”

He said, “A great thought occurred to me when I went to purchase the cigarettes. Just as I was standing there, somebody was purchasing this brand of cigarette; I thought, ‘My God, these cigarettes are so cheap that one cigarette of my brand is equal to six cigarettes of this brand. If I start smoking these cigarettes, I can save so much money.and the more I smoke the more I will save money!’” And he was smoking like crazy. He went into his study and started smoking.he was throwing away half-smoked cigarettes and burning new ones.

His wife thought he had gone mad. “How you can save money if you are destroying cigarettes like this?”

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