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Chapter 1: No-Mind Is the Buddha

Meeting with a man like Baso is dangerous. It is not without reason that I am called the most dangerous man of this century. I am. Meeting me once, you will disappear, you will not be heard of anymore, you will not be seen again. One meeting is enough.

On another occasion Baso said to the assembled monks,
“Believe that each and all of you have the mind which is the buddha!
Bodhidharma came from India to the Middle Kingdom to enlighten you
with the truth he conveyed of.one mind.”

Of this moment, of suchness.

A monk spoke up and said,
“Why do you teach ‘The mind is the buddha’?”
Baso said, “To stop the baby crying.”

All the enlightened ones have been speaking, so that the baby does not start crying. Consoling, babysitting, is the basic business of all buddhas. The moment the baby grows, at the right time they are going to strike the baby. The real teaching will start only when you are mature enough, centered enough, receptive enough, aware enough. No buddha is going to waste a single hit. He will wait and console the baby, and once the baby is consoled the whole approach of the buddha changes. He does not speak in terms of the mind anymore. The mind is the most childish thing in the world.

Once the master has helped you to detach your consciousness from your mind, the real teaching is very simple: No-mind is the buddha. Your ego is your immaturity; your egolessness is your awakening. Just die to this moment, deep enough so that you can have a resurrection. Then you will know that no-mind is the buddha.

It has always been so. But to those who cannot understand, the compassionate ones have been saying to them that mind is the buddha. It is just out of compassion, to keep you from crying, because if you are not mature enough - and it is said that, “You are not at all; you are just a soap bubble. Inside is nothingness and that is your nature” - it can drive the retarded ones crazy.

The physician knows perfectly well in what quantity the medicine has to be given, at what time the disciple needs the ultimate hit - so that he disappears, leaving behind him just a pure space.

Out of that pure space everything blossoms; into that pure space everything disappears. That pure space is your being. And.

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