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Chapter 30: Live It, Enjoy It

There is no question. For thirty-two years I have not encountered any doubt in me, any question in me. Yes, before I became enlightened I had millions of questions, millions of doubts. The moment I came to know myself, that dark night was over. Now there is no question of doubt, no question of repenting, no question of planning for the future. Just this moment is enough - I am totally contented with it as it is.

Things couldn’t be better?

No, not for me. For you, yes.

When you say something like that.hmmm, I am not sure that I understand exactly what you are saying.

That’s why I am saying it can be better. You are not sure. I am sure.

Well, maybe you can help me understand.

I can - that’s my whole business.

And you are good at it.

I am just perfect - not good.

Well, maybe you can spin that out a little before me: maybe things can be better for me, although they cannot be better for you.

They can be better for you.

But you would have to know how things are for me, before you can determine whether things could be better or worse.

No need for me. All sleeping people are sleeping people. It does not matter to me whether this man has a Ph.D. degree and is asleep, this man is a doctor and he is asleep, that man is an engineer and he is asleep - that does not matter to me. My problem is simple: they are all asleep and they can be bettered by awakening.

I am asleep as well?

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