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Chapter 9: India: From Slavery to Freedom

The Indian mind is full of sexuality, full of anger, full of hatred - talking about love, talking about compassion, talking about non-violence. But don’t be deceived by their talk - their talk simply shows that just the opposite is inside them. And now they are free there is no pressure on them to go on repressing, so everywhere in the country every day. I think nothing like this is happening anywhere else in the world. People are burnt alive. Women are raped everywhere - mass rape! Many women die just because so many men rape them that they fall dead. And the mahatmas of the country go on talking about celibacy, but the same mahatmas are being caught doing all kinds of criminal acts.

The saints go on talking about non-attachment, non-possessiveness, and you will not find more greedy people than them. They are greedy for pleasures in the other world, and here too they are greedy - but in a roundabout way. They will not collect money for themselves, they will collect money for the temple - and they are the real owners of the temple.

You will be surprised to know that even the stone statues in the temples own land. What a tricky mind! The priest owns the land. For example, even the temple at Bodhgaya where Gautam Buddha became enlightened is dominated by Hindus. It does not belong to the Hindus - Buddha became enlightened, the temple was made in his memory. He was a rebel, he was not a Hindu, but the priest of the temple is a brahmin, he is not a Buddhist.

Brahmins are very cunning. The god of the temple owns thousands of acres of land and the priest goes to the court on behalf of the god of the temple. Now, you cannot take that land and distribute it into the hands of the landless poor people, because how can you take land from the god? And the priest cannot give it to you - he is just working there on behalf of the god. He is not the owner, the owner is just a stone statue! It cannot sign an agreement, you cannot put the statue in jail, you cannot do anything. For thirty-three years the battle has continued in the courts, but the courts cannot do anything. There exists no law saying how to take land from a stone statue. And the same is true of thousands of temples in the country.

And the priest will go on talking about “greedlessness.” He will teach people: “Don’t be greedy, donate to the temple. Greed is not good! If you donate to the temple you will gain a thousandfold in the other world.” And whatsoever they donate to the temple is really donated to the priest. He is the real owner, but he is dominating via a stone statue.

All kinds of things go on happening in India for the simple reason that the country lacks character - character in my sense, character that arises as a by-product of consciousness. India is absolutely characterless, but what they think is character, they go on bragging about all around the world: that they are very religious, very moral. And that is sheer nonsense!

I have seen their morality, I have seen their character - it is bogus, it is just painted. And when you have a painted face your face can show itself - just any opportunity.

I was a professor in a university. One of the professors wanted to come to see me with his wife, but he turned up alone.

I asked, “What happened to your wife? She was going to come - and she was so eager to come!”

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