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Chapter 23: Existence Is Very Shy

About samadhi, he says in his yoga sutras, “It is just like a deep sleep without dreams. The being in the deepest core is fully awake; only the body is in a sleep-like state. Don’t disturb. It is possible even breathing may slowly, slowly stop; heartbeats may slowly, slowly disappear; the pulse may not be found at all - but don’t be worried, just wait. The man will come back. If he is a man of meditation, the possibility of falling into a coma is absolutely canceled.”

Even the disciples became restless after the second day, third day. And more and more people became disturbed and restless and thought, “Perhaps he is in a coma.” When the breathing disappeared, when the heartbeat stopped, when the doctors could not find any pulse.and the doctors - the best doctors of Calcutta - unanimously said that he was dead. But his wife, Sharda, simply refused. She said, “You don’t know anything about yoga or samadhi; you have never been a physician to an enlightened being. All that you know is not of any use. The functioning of the enlightened being differs totally from the ordinary human being.” All the doctors proved wrong and the uneducated woman, Sharda, proved right. By the sixth day, Ramakrishna was back.

The doctors could not believe their eyes, and they all said to Ramakrishna, “It is due to your wife that you are saved; otherwise we were going to say that a funeral should be prepared. But your wife has certainly a deep insight.”

Ramakrishna had so much respect for his wife that he used to call her “Mother.” He never had any relationship with her the way a husband is related to the wife. Even from the very beginning, even before the marriage.He was only thirteen years of age, and his family had taken him to see the girl. And as is the custom in India, when somebody comes to see the girl, when they are sitting for their breakfast or lunch, the girl comes to serve some sweets or something and that is the only time the boy can see her for a moment.

When the girl came near Ramakrishna to put a plate of sweets.He had three rupees in his pocket that his mother had given him: “In case you need to purchase something; you are going to a big city from a very small village.” He took out those three rupees, put those three rupees at her feet, touched her feet and said, “Mother, you certainly look beautiful.”

Everybody was shocked - his family, his father, uncle and other friends. They were shocked, “This idiot is calling his own wife ‘Mother,’ touching her feet, offering three rupees.” And the family of the girl was shocked also, “Is this boy crazy or what? Should we say yes to the marriage? He looks very silent, looks very graceful, but seems to be a little bit eccentric. What has he done?”

But the strangest thing happened. Even Sharda, who was only ten years old, said that if she will ever get married, this is the man. Otherwise she will not be ready to marry anybody else - only a man who can respect her just like a mother she cannot refuse.

Unwillingly the family agreed, and from the very first day Ramakrishna started every morning.instead of worshipping the mother goddess Kali in the temple, he started worshipping Sharda. He said, “It is useless to go to the temple to worship a stone statue while you are here, so beautiful, so living, so divine. You just sit and I will worship you here.” After that he stopped going to the temple.

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