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Chapter 21: Understanding

For example, you are here now. Your body certainly is here, but only if you fall into a deep silent communion with me, and your mind is utterly quiet, receptive, with no ideas of its own, no prejudices, will your mind also be here now. If you can remain in this state moment to moment, enlightenment is not far away. It can happen any moment. It happens when your body and mind are in such a harmony, in the present, in this moment.then you give opportunity for your ultimate potential to explode.

But mind’s ways are very strange, very subtle, very cunning. It starts making a goal of enlightenment - enlightenment is not a goal. It starts thinking in terms of ambitions: enlightenment becomes its ambition - and ambition needs time, ambition needs future, ambition needs tomorrows.

So you may be sitting silently in meditation, but your mind is far away, searching for enlightenment. It is not different from any other ambition - ambition for money, ambition for power, ambition for respect. It does not matter at all what the object of your ambition is; every object of your ambition takes you away from your enlightenment. Nothing can take you to enlightenment, because enlightenment is your nature.

A man, completely drunk, staggering, somehow reached home in the middle of the night, but he could not figure out whether the house was his or somebody else’s. Looks like it is his.but he’s not certain. He knocked on the door, and an old woman, his mother, opened the door. Again the same problem: the old woman looks like his mother - but only looks like. He fell at her feet and started asking her, “Help me find my home. Help me find my mother. She must be waiting.”

A crowd gathered, and they were laughing: this is strange, he is holding his mother’s feet and asking her to help him find his mother; she must know his house because she lives in this neighborhood somewhere.

And then another drunkard came with a bullock cart, and he said, “Don’t waste your time. Just come into my bullock cart and I will take you to your house and to your mother.” Now, the mother was trying hard, the neighbors were trying hard, saying, “If you go into this bullock cart.. That man seems to be more drunk than you are; wherever he leads you will be going away from your mother and from your house, because this is your house, and this is your mother.”

Something similar is the case with the human mind. It cannot feel at rest wherever it is. It is always looking for the right place, the right experience, but it cannot be here. Of course, how can it be here? Thousands of years of continuously being taught that you are sinners, has made a deep unconscious impression that as you are, you are not right. Wherever you are, you are not in the right place.

All the religions have succeeded only in one thing: in rejecting you, your place, your time, your life. And they have all given you great ambitions - ambitions for heaven. It is strange that nobody says to these religions, “You are all against greed, but heaven means nothing but the ultimate greed. You are all against fear, you all want us to be fearless - but what is your hell and hellfire?”

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