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Chapter 9: Enlightenment Is None of Your Business

You don’t have to go to enlightenment; it comes to you. In fact, even that is not right to say. It does not come either; it happens - and it happens from your innermost core. It is an explosion, just like the explosion of an atom. Atomic explosion comes from the innermost core of the atom. Enlightenment is the explosion of your innermost life center. Suddenly all darkness is gone! A light has descended upon you from every side, and a light that needs no fuel.a light that remains, that has come forever.

Nobody can become unenlightened; that is an impossibility, that’s a difficult task - even a German cannot do that. But enlightenment becomes a problem because you go on hearing me. I am the problem. I cannot stop talking about enlightenment, and that creates the desire in you and the longing in you. Just don’t listen to me! The moment I say “Enlightenment.” simply say, “It is not for us.” If you can avoid.

You cannot make me feel responsible for it, because I am helpless, I will continue to talk, I cannot talk about anything else. Whatever I say suddenly turns out to be something about enlightenment. Just watch.

A priest went to a ranch in order to buy a horse, and saw a beautiful one that he liked and asked if he could try it. “Sure,” said the rancher, “but I have to tell you something. That horse used to be owned by the bishop, and if you want the horse to move, you have to say, ‘Good Lord,’ and if you want him to stop, you have to say, ‘Amen.’”

“That’s okay,” said the priest and jumped up and said, “Good Lord.” The horse promptly moved off and then was seen galloping in the mountains. The priest was yelling, “Good Lord, good Lord.” and the horse was really moving.

But suddenly they were coming to the edge of the cliff and, in panic, stricken with fear, he yelled, “Stop, stop!” That did not work and then he remembered and shouted, “Amen.” The horse stopped right on the edge of the cliff and, wiping his brow with his relief, the priest said, “Good Lord!”

Do you think Gautam Buddha could have made this story in any way connected with enlightenment? But I am just incurable. I see every element in it exactly leading to enlightenment. All that you need is the last “Good Lord”.finished!

There is no hurry. You are moving slowly, gradually, you are getting grounded, becoming centered, but listening to me your desire catches fire. It starts thinking, “If meditation is so beautiful, so silent, what will enlightenment be like?” And then it becomes a constant worry and a tension. It will not help you; it will even disturb your meditation.

But you should look at my trouble also. If I don’t talk about enlightenment, you are not going even to do meditation; if I talk about enlightenment, that disturbs meditation. Now you tell me the way.! So just be sane. Enlightenment comes - I can guarantee you it comes. It is not as though it is something that has not happened to many people. You have the potential for it, but you have to understand the whole process.

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