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Chapter 17: Immediate and Ultimate Ordinariness

He said, “But then what is the point of attending the class?”

I said, “There is no point at all, it is just that one has to be somewhere. Do you mean to say that wherever I am I have to answer the question why I am here?”

And I told him an old story, that a man comes home, finds his wife naked on the bed, sees the shoes of his friend by the side of the bed, looks all around, suspects he must be in the cupboard. He opens the cupboard; certainly the naked friend is standing there. He is really angry and he says, “I used to think you were my best friend.”

He said, “I am.”

He said, “Then why are you standing here in the cupboard?”

The man said, “This is strange - everybody has to be somewhere, and this cupboard of yours is very cozy. And this is not the first time that I am standing here. It is my usual habit.”

I told Professor Bhattacharya, “Never again ask me about any reason, because I don’t believe in rationality. I mean, things simply are and there is no reason for them to prove why they are, where they are, who they are.”

But from your very childhood, you have not been given the right vision. You have always been pushed and pulled this way and that way: “Become this, become that.” Nobody ever thought that if existence wanted only Gautam Buddhas it could have manufactured Gautam Buddhas just the way a Ford factory produces Ford cars, on an assembly line, all exactly alike, with tremendous efficiency. Each minute a single car comes out of the assembly line, twenty-four hours around the clock.

But existence does not believe in a situation where everybody is like everybody else. The enlightenment of Gautam Buddha is going to be his enlightenment. Your enlightenment is going to be your enlightenment.

The problem arises out of comparison. You started thinking that “If I am enlightened, then why am I not a Gautam Buddha or a Jesus Christ or a Bodhidharma? I am just Veet Vigyanam. Nobody worships me. I go around, nobody even takes any note of me. What kind of enlightenment is this? Certainly I have yet to achieve it. Certainly it has not happened yet, it has to happen.”

The idea has been propagated with such consistency, for so many thousands of years, that enlightenment is an achievement. I say unto you, enlightenment is not an achievement, it is your very nature. If you are missing it, the reason is not that you have not achieved it, the reason is that you are looking for it all around in every place excluding yourself. Going to every temple, reading every holy scripture, visiting all kinds of stupid people who are pretending to be masters.

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