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Chapter 2: Just See It

The man who was a theologian finally became the Pope. By that time Adolf Hitler had become the most powerful man in the world. The Pope’s old psychologist friend came to see him and he reminded him, “What do you say about it now? We both agreed that this man would never make his name in the world of politics; he was simply insane. Who was going to be impressed by him in a country like Germany which can brag about its intelligence and brag sincerely, truthfully? It is one of the most intelligent countries in the world. Who was going to be befooled by this maniac? We agreed, but what do you say now? He has made his mark; his name is going to remain part of history forever.”

The Pope looked at the psychologist and said, “Yes, I made that comment, but at that time I was not infallible!”

Neurotics, nuts, cuckoos, they can make their name, they can be great politicians, they can be the wealthiest people in the world, they can become very famous. All that is needed is a crazy urge to be on top - it is graspable.

Enlightenment is ungraspable, so the more you try to grasp it, the less it is possible. You cannot hold enlightenment in your fist - the tighter the fist, the less is the possibility. But you can hold enlightenment in your open hands; that is the only way to hold it. In your open hands you can hold the whole sky, all the stars, the whole existence, but in your closed fist there is nothing. The more closed it is, the more tight it is, the less is the possibility of anything being there. Enlightenment has to be achieved with open hands, by a relaxed, calm, quiet resting in your being.

It happened to Lao Tzu that way. For years he was trying to grasp and grasp, and nothing was happening. That morning he simply forgot all about it. It was so beautiful, so sunny, there was so much delight all around, who cared about enlightenment? For a moment that ambition was put aside. And just by coincidence a dead leaf, which must have been hanging off the tree, started falling.

Lao Tzu saw it falling from above, slowly, slowly. He watched it, he became just a watcher; there was nothing to do. He observed it: he remained aware of the swaying, and the leaf falling in the subtle breeze of the morning. As it settled on the ground something settled in Lao Tzu too. Suddenly the feeling of “Eureka!” Suddenly a great outburst of joy: “Aha!” He danced.the goose was out!

When the goose is out, what else can you do except dance, sing, laugh - laugh at the whole absurdity of it all, that you were never in, that you believed that you were in? Your belief was the only imprisonment.

You ask me: “I feel that we need to hurry.”

What is the hurry? The whole of eternity is yours! You have always been here, you are here, you will always be here. Nothing is ever lost. Now it is a confirmed scientific truth that nothing is ever destroyed. If matter is not destroyed, why should consciousness be destroyed? Matter belongs to a very gross plane of existence. If the gross is so valued by existence, do you think the higher manifestation is not valued by existence? The higher is more valued! If matter persists and is impossible to destroy, consciousness cannot be destroyed either. It is the highest expression of life; there is nothing higher than it. It is the very Everest of life, the peak beyond which there is nothing. The whole of existence is moving towards that peak. There is no hurry.

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