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Chapter 17: Becoming Is Going Away from Being

Becoming is burning. The funeral pyre is the goal that he has achieved - all his life burning for this thing, burning for that thing. He had not rested a single moment, he had not relaxed a single moment. The funeral pyre is very significant.

The grave does not give that sense. In the West you make the grave as beautiful as possible, with marble, with beautiful inscriptions on it. You carry the body in beautiful, costly caskets.

Just the other day I saw a book published by the Rolls Royce Company. Of course, we are first in the whole world, but there is a company in Scotland which has two hundred and sixty Rolls Royces; it is a professional company. And in those Rolls Royces a person travels only one way, he never comes back, he has no return ticket. That company carries people to their grave. Of course those who are rich can afford many Rolls Royces to follow the corpse. That’s why they have two hundred and sixty. Up to now, the biggest number used by one man was thirty-three Rolls Royces.

But every day people are dying. They could not use a Rolls Royce in their life, at least give them the joy - not only of riding in a Rolls-Royce, but of being followed by dozens of Rolls Royces.

But that company is not a competitor to us. Our Rolls Royces are for the living. Their Rolls Royces are for the dead. And of course, they have to keep two hundred and sixty, because in one day they may have a few orders. Sometimes all their Rolls Royces are engaged. Death comes without giving you any warning.

But whether you go in a Rolls Royce or in a municipal corporation truck, it makes no difference to the corpse. It knows nothing; there is nobody there! You are only carrying bones; how you carry them makes no difference at all. The emperor dead and the beggar dead for the first time become communists - equal. Only in graveyards does communism exist in its authenticity: no hierarchy, nobody above you, nobody below you. There is nobody, in fact. And this is the whole story of becoming.

It is good that you don’t care about enlightenment, because your caring about it will destroy the whole thing. That will create a desire, that will create a longing. And enlightenment cannot be an object of your longing and desire.

The basic fundamental of enlightenment is desirelessness.

Here you are enjoying, rejoicing, dancing, singing. Don’t be worried about enlightenment. Suddenly one day dancing or singing or listening to me, or just sitting in silence, you will become aware - “My God! I have always been enlightened!”

That’s how it has always happened. That’s why down the centuries the first similarity enlightened people have shared, is: they have laughed loudly when they became enlightened. On other points they may differ, their philosophies may be different - someone may have one kind of theology, someone another kind - but as far as laughter is concerned, nobody in the whole history of humanity has become enlightened and not laughed!

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