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Chapter 7: No Dialogue, No Monologue - Yaa-Hoo!

They passed through villages hundreds of times and there were so many times when they were in the same village, in the same city. At one moment they were in the same caravanserai: half of the place was occupied by Gautam Buddha and his disciples, and half by Mahavira and his disciples. But no dialogue not even a simple “Yaa-Hoo!”

I would not have remained silent, that I can say to you. Enlightenment or no enlightenment, this much I would have done, because it is so nice.It means nothing, just a beautiful greeting with no meaning attached to it.

It looks a little cold that they did not even say, “Yaa-Hoo!” Whenever I meet them somewhere in the eternal journey it is bound to happen; the time is infinite, everything is possible I am going to give them a good salute, “Yaa-Hoo!” Because just yesterday we discovered the tremendous effect of the mantra..

I have decided that from now on this will be the sannyasin salute. Wherever two sannyasins meet “Yaa-Hoo!” There is no need to be so cold. Enlightenment is okay, but you should not become inhuman. A salute cannot disturb enlightenment.although “Yaa-Hoo” is very powerful.

I have been dragged into a court because I used to live outside a city where there was a Mohammedan cemetery, and people used to come there to meditate. The Mohammedans came to me again and again, saying that “This is not good; your disciples are disturbing our sleeping ones.”

I said, “Why? How can they disturb?”

They said, “They go on saying, ‘Hoo, hoo.’ Even a dead person feels like getting out of the grave to find out, ‘Who is this fellow?’”

I said, “We cannot change it. And moreover it is really the last part of Allah-hoo. It is a Mohammedan mantra!”

They said, “You are very clever, but we have never heard of Allah-Hoo. Allah is okay, but Hoo?”

I said, “You can do anything you want to do. If your ghosts come out of their graves, it is our problem, we live here. We will enjoy, we will entertain them; you don’t be worried.”

They said, “This man is difficult we are going to the court.”

I said, “That is perfectly good, you go anywhere!”

Even the judge said, “This is not a crime. Nowhere in any law book, in any constitution, any statute, is it written that saying ‘Hoo’ is a crime. And don’t drag me into something with that man, because I know him.”

But they insisted. They said, “If you don’t take action, there is going to be a Hindu-Mohammedan riot.”

The judge said, “But he is not Hindu, so why bring Hindus into it?”

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