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Chapter 24: Go to Your Bathroom Dancing

The Buddhists will not allow Gautam Buddha to touch a woman, to hold her hand and have a little dance with her, because the enlightened man does not touch a woman. In fact, he is expected not even to see a woman. The buddhist master walks looking only four feet ahead of him, so that his eyes are glued to the earth. At the most he may be able to see the feet of a woman, but not the face.

The Hindus have their expectation. The Hindu master is not supposed even to sit on the place where a woman has been sitting before. Even that part of the earth has become dangerous, because the woman has left her vibrations there, and those vibrations can destroy his celibacy.

All these people were fulfilling the desires of their followers. I don’t care a bit what you expect; that is your problem. I am going to shatter all your expectations of me. I am totally a free man. I don’t care even about whether you think me enlightened or not. I am, why should I care?

When I became enlightened I also had the idea, which has been there for centuries, that after enlightenment one transcends sex. So for a few days I waited for the transcendence. It was not coming; on the contrary, the grass was greener. The women were more beautiful than ever before, because my eyes were clear.

It has been traditionally understood that if an enlightened man makes love to a woman, his enlightenment is finished. So I was a little hesitant. But then I thought that if enlightenment is such a weak thing, it is not worth having. How can making love to a woman destroy enlightenment? And if it does destroy it, that means the love between a man and a woman is a far bigger, stronger and more vital force than your bogus so-called enlightenment.

And I am always attracted towards the unknown, untried, unexplored. I said to myself, “For five thousand years the enlightened people have perpetuated the idea. I have to experiment and to see.” And I have loved many women - my enlightenment has not changed. I have created a historical event! In the future, no enlightened man should be expected to be celibate. I have risked much. But in a way, after enlightenment something is transcended - it is not sex, but sexuality. After enlightenment I have not been able to look into the eyes of any woman with sexuality.

It is nothing on my part, I cannot take the credit for it. The whole experience of enlightenment has changed many things. Even making love to a woman is now totally different, absolutely different, has no connection with the love when I was unenlightened. It was not love, it was just a biological, chemical, hormonal attraction. It was just a kind of slavery; it was a need, and you were possessed by the need. That need has disappeared. Now making love to a woman is just pure fun - and I have never heard that after enlightenment fun is transcended.

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