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Chapter 14: The Child: Father to the Man

They are bound to be pseudo - it is forced on them, they are enveloped in a certain religious ideology. Then they are enveloped in a certain political ideology - they are told that they are Indians, that they are Iranians, that they are Chinese, that they are Germans - a certain nationality is imposed on them. And humanity is one, the earth is one. But the politicians would like it not to be one, because if the earth is one then the politicians with all their politics will have to disappear. Then where will all these presidents and prime ministers go? They can exist only if the world remains divided.

Religion is one, but then what will happen to the Polack Pope, to all the stupid shankaracharyas, to Ayatollah Khomaniac? What will happen to all these people? They can exist only if there are many religions, many churches, many cults, many creeds.

There are three hundred religions on the earth, and at least three thousand sects of these religions - then of course there is a possibility for many priests, bishops, archbishops, high priests, shankaracharyas. This possibility will disappear.

And I tell you, religiousness is one! It has nothing to do with any Bible, any Veda, any Gita. It has something to do with a loving heart, with an intelligent being. It has something to do with awareness, meditativeness. But all the vested interests will suffer.

Hence parents who belong to a certain establishment, a certain nation, a certain church, a certain denomination, are bound to force their ideas on the children. And the strange thing is that the children are always more intelligent than the parents, because the parents belong to the past and the children belong to the future. The parents are already conditioned, enveloped, covered. Their mirrors are covered with so much dust that they don’t reflect anything; they are blind.

Only a blind man can be a Hindu or a Mohammedan or a Jaina or a Christian. A man with eyes is simply religious. He does not go to the church or to the temple or to the mosque; he will not worship all kinds of stupid images.

There are people in India who are worshipping the monkey god, Hanuman. Men worshipping monkeys! No monkey worships a man. Even monkeys laugh about it: “What has happened to these people?” And the people think that they have evolved from monkeys. Monkeys think just the opposite: they think the people have fallen. Of course they have fallen from the trees - they have literally fallen! And still worshipping monkey gods.

All kinds of gods, all kinds of superstitions - parents carry all these. When a child is born he is a clean slate, a tabula rasa; nothing is written on him. That’s his beauty - the mirror is without any dust. He can see more clearly.

Mom: “Jimmy, did you fall over with your new trousers on?”

Jimmy: “Yes, Mom, there wasn’t time to take them off.”

The first-grade teacher was talking to her class about nature and she called it “the world around you.” She asked little Helen in the first row, “Now, Helen, tell everyone in the class. Are you vegetable, animal or mineral?”

“I’m not any of those,” she replied promptly. “I’m a real live girl!”

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