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Chapter 24: Saying Small Things with Big Words

For example, in the eyes of a mystic nobody is ordinary. Nobody can be ordinary. It simply does not exist; that category is an invention of the egoists who want to prove themselves extraordinary.

To the mystic, the ordinary is beautiful. The ordinary is great. The ordinary is the extraordinary. The mystic cannot condemn, he can only provoke the subdued flame of your being, make you afire.

Huang Po is saying, “Ordinary people.” and I have never come across a single ordinary person. They don’t exist - everybody has his own uniqueness. They exist only for those who want some higher status for themselves. And he is saying about ordinary people that they “are those who indulge in conceptual thought” - and that’s exactly what he is doing! - “based on environmental phenomena; hence they feel desire and hatred.” Sheer bullshit!

“To eliminate environmental phenomena, just put an end to your conceptual thinking. When this ceases environmental phenomena are void.”

This is how that which is within you is reached by the philosopher - by moving around the whole world. You are not a concept, you are not a thought. You are nothing but a pure awareness. So what is the point of all this nonsense?

It has a purpose: the purpose is to create “ordinary people.” And you all accept such people - who have been making you ordinary, sinners, mundane, mediocre - and you feel very happy and very receptive.

And when I say, “You are enlightened” you don’t believe it! It is very strange. Somebody says, “You are stupid” and you never doubt it. And I am saying you are a genius and you look all around - “My god, me, and a genius? I can be a genie but not a genius. Perhaps he is talking about somebody else.”

But this has happened because of continuous hammering on your mind for millennia that you are ordinary. And Huang Po accepts it and describes the “ordinary person”; that the ordinary person “indulges in conceptual thought.” The ordinary person has no time to indulge in conceptual thought! He does not know exactly what you mean by conceptual thought. He listens silently so that nobody starts thinking that he doesn’t understand. He sits silently and wisely. But do you understand “conceptual thought”? Have you seen any thought which is not conceptual? Concept and thought are two names of the same process of thinking, “based on environmental phenomena.”

Now you say, “My god, this is real philosophy!” You could not have laughed before Huang Po; you would have been sad and serious and pretending that you are understanding what he is saying. And I want to tell you, even he does not understand what he is saying. But these big words have become the monopoly of the philosophers. If they don’t use big words, nobody is going to accept them as great philosophers.

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