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Chapter 26: Because of Love, We Are Together

My message is: now it is time that we should drop this division of the outer and the inner, of the lower and the higher, of the left-handed and the right-handed. We should drop this division between man and woman, between East and West. We should create a whole man who is capable of both.

That’s why I am going to be misunderstood everywhere. The Eastern religious person is angry with me because he thinks I am teaching materialism, and the Western rational thinker is angry with me because he thinks I am teaching spiritual mumbo jumbo. Everybody is angry at me - and that is natural, I can understand it.

I am teaching the whole man, from the lowest rung of the ladder to the highest rung - from sex to samadhi, from the body to the soul, from matter to God. My trust is total.

I would like to tell you that up to now man has not trusted. Not even in the East has man trusted. In the East man has doubted the world, hence in the East the world is called illusory, maya. In the West man has doubted God, soul. They are thought to be just hallucinations, pathologies. To the really Western mind Jesus looks like a neurotic, psychologically ill, needs psychiatric treatment. To the East the West looks animalistic - “Eat, drink, and be merry” - that seems to be the understanding of the East about the West. That that is the only Western philosophy: be like animals, gross. The West has doubted the inner world, the East has doubted the outer world. Both have lived in doubt and their trust has been half-hearted.

My trust is total. I trust the outer, I trust the inner - because outer and inner are both together, they cannot be separated. There is no God without this world, there is no world without God. God is the innermost core of this world. The juice flowing in the trees is God, the blood circulating in your body is God, the consciousness residing in you is God. God and the world are mixed together just like a dancer and his dance: they cannot be separated, they are inseparable. So I don’t say the world is illusion - that is nonsense. The world is as real as consciousness. Neither do I say that the inner world is neurosis, madness, hallucination. It is not. It is the very foundation of reality.

I teach the whole man. I am not a materialist, nor a spiritualist. My approach is holistic - and the whole man can only be holy.

Because of this there is going to be great misunderstanding about me, and anybody can pick things, find faults with me, and it is very easy. The spiritualist can call me Epicurean, a follower of Charvaka - and he is not absolutely wrong because half of me is Epicurean. I accept Epicurus and Charvaka because they teach the body and the joys of the body and the exhilaration of the body. And there is exhilaration in the body, and the moment you drop that, you become serious and sad.

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