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Chapter 5: The Day Has Been Hilarious

But this has been the whole conditioning for centuries. Poisoning Socrates, they thought that they were destroying his arguments. His arguments are still as alive, as strong as ever. Crucifying Jesus, they thought they were destroying the possibility of a new religion springing up. Now half of the world is Christian.

You cannot argue with swords, you cannot argue with throwing stones, you cannot argue with ugly slogans. These simply prove that you are barbarous, subhuman.

Perhaps if Charles Darwin were alive, I would have requested him to come here. His whole life he was searching for the middle agent - because monkeys or gorillas or chimpanzees cannot suddenly become man; they should pass through a transitory period. I would have welcomed him here, and told him that here we have found the missing link - the people who are no longer gorillas, but are not yet human beings either.

And now every effort is being made to camouflage the issue about the meaning of “bhagwan”, because I have exposed not only one religion, but all the religions. The Buddhists have joined hands with the Mohammedans, not knowing at all that these Mohammedans have destroyed thousands of Buddhist statues, have burnt thousands of Buddhist scriptures - and you are joining hands with them?

And the Mohammedans don’t understand that Buddha would not have accepted the philosophy of Mohammed at all. Mohammed was a violent man, continuously fighting and warring and killing people - and that’s what Mohammedans have been doing all along after Mohammed. Killing has become their profession.

That’s why I felt very hilarious. Buddhists and Mohammedans are joining hands against me - a good sign of brotherhood. Soon every religion will join with you. Just wait a little, don’t be in a hurry.

One self-styled Jaina monk, Daulatsagar Suriswarji, has stated fourteen meanings of the word bhagwan. This is creating a camouflage.

Only for the argument’s sake, I will read you the meanings he has given to “bhagwan”.

First, essence.

But do you understand the meaning of essence? - that which is caught by the senses. A perfume is essence, because your nose catches it. Essence means anything that the senses catch.

Now what does that have to do with Mahavira? I don’t think he was using perfumes.

The second meaning is knowledge. That will make all the knowledgeable people in the world Bhagwan. All the professors, all the deans, all vice-chancellors, all rabbis, all imams - even Ayatollah Khomeini will be called Bhagwan, because they are all knowledgeable people. All the brahmin scholars, pundits, priests - whether they are Christian or Mohammedan or Hindu or Buddhist, it does not matter. If knowledge is the meaning of Bhagwan, then all knowledgeable people become Bhagwan.

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