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Chapter 6: First Find Yourself

They could not give me the poison in such a dose that I would have died in the jail. It became clear from the statement of the United States Attorney, Charles Turner, that they did not want to make me a martyr. They were afraid that if I were to die then again another Christianity will be born; then again another religion, another fanatic fundamentalist group of people will gather in sympathy with me.

The court ordered that I leave the court, that I go to the airport immediately. My airplane was waiting; I had to leave immediately. Perhaps they were afraid that if I died before leaving then the sympathy of the whole world would be with me, and against Ronald Reagan and his company. Out of fear they could not give the whole dose; otherwise one dies within twelve hours.

That’s what the experts from England have informed me, who have presumed that the poison given to me was thallium. It kills within twelve hours, but if given in small doses it takes time. It may kill within six months, but now even that time has passed.

The poison is out of my system.

Existence cannot be so cruel! And there is no black hole on the left hand.. So please, next time when you talk, remember: my right hand has some pain, but that too is not something that needs spiritual healing. It is a physical thing and it needs physical healing; no spiritual healing is needed. And as far as the spirit is concerned, it is never sick; it is intrinsically healthy and whole. It is the body which is bound to become sick and some day old and some day it dies.

But there have been spiritualists of all kinds who don’t understand that there is an immense difference between spirituality and physical existence.

I have heard about a young man whose father was a member of a Christian Science group.

In England there has been a very influential group and in America also: Christian Science. The young man was asked, “What is the problem, your father has not been seen for three weeks?” They were meeting every Sunday.

The young man said, “It is difficult; he is very sick.”

The old man said, “Nonsense, sickness is only a belief, imagination! And he is an old member of our group. We don’t believe in sickness, just remind him, ‘You are not sick!’“

He said, “I will remind him.”

After two weeks they met again. The old man said, “What happened, he has not come?”

The young man said, “What can I do? Now he believes he is dead.”

The body has to become sick, the body has to become dead also. One should think of experiencing the spiritual, the eternal, the immortal. One should not waste time on such stupid ideologies, which have been prevalent all over the world.

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