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Chapter 16: This Existence Is Paradise

And in hell you will find all the colorful people of the whole history, juicy people - poets, painters, dancers, actors, actresses, sculptors - all creative. You will not find a single dodo saint - dull, dead, with a long face. In hell you will find people who laugh, who dance. There will be music, because all great musicians will be there. Because for thousands of years all the cream of humanity has been going to hell, you will find that those people have changed hell into paradise already. All the scientists, the most modern technology, delicious food - everything that you enjoy; no guilt, no sin, no church.

But all religions have been converting people on the basis of fear and greed. They are creating paranoia - that in hell you will suffer for eternity. And in heaven you will rejoice for eternity - all that you have to do is just to believe in their dogma. Don’t ask any question, don’t be skeptical; simply be retarded. Have faith in Jesus Christ, have faith in Moses, have faith in Krishna, in Mohammed. And for such a simple thing - just having faith - the whole eternity of luxuries!

These people are simply exploiting your fear and your greed. But why are they so interested in exploiting you? They themselves are not certain; looking into the certainty in your eyes, they feel at ease.

One journalist - he was a rare case because journalists don’t go to heaven, cannot go to heaven - by some accident reached heaven. But on the door he was stopped by the gatekeeper, and the gatekeeper said, “All vacancies for journalists in heaven are full. In fact, we have ten journalists and they don’t have any work. In heaven there is no newspaper, no television, no radio, because there is no news; here, nothing happens. Just angels go on playing on their harps, ‘Alleluia, alleluia.’ How much news can you make out of that? You go to hell! There is tremendous news.so many papers, so many networks of television, radio.”

But the man said, “I have come here: at least give me twenty-four hours, just a chance to visit the place. And have mercy on me - if I can convince one of the journalists inside heaven to go to hell, then there will be a place vacant, and you can give that place to me.”

It looked logical. The gatekeeper allowed him, but said, “Remember, only twenty-four hours!”

After twenty-four hours the journalist came to the gate. The gatekeeper said, “You cannot go out.”

The journalist said, “Why?”

The gatekeeper said, “All the ten journalists have left. You created such a rumor - that a new newspaper is going to start in hell. It needs a chief editor, a Sunday editor, and all kinds of journalists, and it is going to be the biggest newspaper - so they all have left. You were lying. There is no newspaper like that which is going to happen.”

The man certainly had been lying to the journalists; but when ten left, he said to the gatekeeper, “Please let me go. Perhaps there is some truth in it.”

The gatekeeper said, “But you know already that you were lying!”

He said, “I know. But if ten people can believe in it, there must be some truth in it. I cannot remain in heaven anymore.”

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