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Chapter 5: Questions: Exposing Your Way from Ignorance to Innocence

Withdrawing yourself from past and future, you will become a tremendously intense energy, focused in the present, concentrated in the present like an arrow. No train could manage to leave the platform without you. Each moment being aware, alert, watchful, in the herenow, is the way not to miss the train. Every experience needs your presence here - this moment. And this is a simple secret, but it opens the doors of existence, of all the mysteries, of all that is worth knowing, worth tasting, worth feeling, worth being.

It is such a joy seeking out a question - it comes word by word and surprises me as it appears on the paper.
Being here with you has been more moment-to-moment and less plan-filled than any other time in my life.
The question is: where do these questions come from? How does seeking them out empty our minds and cleanse our beings?
I love you beyond my understanding. Thank you again and again.

We are born not knowing anything. Questions don’t come from outside. As you grow, as you face different situations, as you move into different moments, encountering different circumstances, your ignorance goes on and on becoming questions.

These are the right questions. And if you insist on asking only the right questions, which come out of your ignorance in encountering existence, you will be able to get rid of them without any difficulty.

The problem arises because you have many questions which are not right questions, which have not arisen out of your ignorance but which have arisen out of your borrowed knowledge. You read something in a book and a question arises; if you had not read the book, the question would have never arisen, you may have lived from eternity to eternity.

For example, I have been around the world, but except for followers of Jainism - who are not many, only three and a half million, and confined only to India - nobody can ask a question that a Jaina can ask. Only a Jaina can ask it, because his scriptures give him the question. The question is not a right question; otherwise, it would arise in every human being if it was a natural question.

For example, you may never have wondered what nigodh is. Only a Jaina will ask what nigodh is. And for Jainism it is a very important question; it is as important as God is to other religions - in fact, it is a replacement for God, because Jainism does not believe in God. Then the question arises: from where does this universe come?

Jainism has a simple, scientific answer to it: the universe does not come from anywhere; it is always here. But because the population goes on growing one problem gets them into trouble: where do these people come from if nobody is creating them?

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